Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I Would Like to Say To Celebrities

Celebrities, like most human beings in this crazy, messed up world of ours, have huge flaws. Most people can go their whole lives without revealing their flaws to a single soul. But for celebrities, this is not so easy, as their personal lives are publicized for everyone to see. Through this process, we can see that some celebrities are smart, some are crafty, some are greedy, and some are just plain stupid. Here are a few things that I would tell to certain celebrities.

*I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. I love half of the names up here.

Taylor Swift - Uh-oh. Don't hurt her feelings, or she'll write a song about you!

Miley Cyrus - Can someone introduce her to clothing?

Britney Spears- Can someone introduce her to a carseat?

Kim Kardashian- Can someone introduce her to a real job?

Kristen Stewart - It's called a "comb."

Justin Bieber - Do us all a favor and get through puberty first. Then we'll talk about your concerts and tours.

Jonas Brothers - Who?

Selena Gomez - She's like a ball of cheery. It's too much. It's like I've had too many skittles. Ugh...

Ryan Seacrest - Oh, Ryan. You've given us all a thrill from your radio show and hosting American Idol. We only want to know one thing: How do you reach the doorknob to your door everyday? Do you have to stand on your tip-toes?

Demi Lovato - Don't do drugs. They are very bad for you.

Paris Hilton- Who?

Eminem - Take a chill pill.
Christina Aguilera- Who?

Rihanna - Oh, you poor thing. I'm sure if you wash your hair under the sink for ten minutes with three pounds of shampoo, the tomato stains will come right out of that do' of yours.

Ash from Pokemon:

Nuff said.

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