Monday, December 27, 2010

New York City Dialect

New York City-ers have a bunch of things they say, and these things are said exclusively only in New York City. Most places probably have their own sayings too, but I find the New York City ones really interesting. It makes me wonder, "How did these weird sayings start?" and "Why does everyone say this?"
    Unfortunately, you won't hear these "New York City Dialects" unless you actually live in New York City. But fear not! I'm about to reveal them all.

. This probably doesn't count, but they curse a lot. A LOT. Like, they do it religiously. It's like they can't help it. Also, if you're getting picked on, the only way out and to keep your dignity is to curse out at them. If you're moving to New York City soon, then get ready to start cursing a lot.

. They say "Yo" a lot. I know that "Yo" is said in a lot of places, but I've noticed something about it being said in other places. In some of the suburban places I've lived, people look at you funny if you say "yo." They might laugh or roll their eyes or think that you are just trying to hard to be "New York City" material. But in New York City, the word "Yo" is as common as night and day. Everyone says it. They'll say it to call you instead of saying your name, they'll say it as a greeting, and they'll even say it as a cheer to express happiness. "Yo" can be used in many different ways here in New York City.

. The word "deadass" is used a lot. This is actually used in other places as well, mainly cities that are somewhat near NYC, like Philadelphia. They use it as a term to mean, "Really?" or "No joke?" or "That's the truth?"
             Suzy: I got tickets to see the Black Eyed Peas in concert
             Jamen: Whoa, deadass?

    That would be how the word "deadass" is used. Or it could be used like this:
                Jamen: You really got tickets to Black Eyed Peas?
                Suzy: Yeah, deadass.

. Another word used a lot is "Word." This is used when you agree with something.
                Louis: We shouldn't have to go to school tomorrow! It's Veteran's Day!
                Mandy: Word! (Pronounced more like, "Wooooorrrrrrrdddd!")

. The most annoying word to me is "mad." They say this word way too much. They use it as a term for "very."
                Mrs. Barkin: Daphne, stop talking to Beth!
                Daphne: (rolls her eyes and whispers to Beth) Mrs. Barkin is mad annoying.

                Mandy: How long is the test going to take?
                Gregory: Like, three hours.
                Mandy: Damn! That's mad long!

                Richard: What's her name?
                Lea: Her name is Sandy.
                Richard: She's mad tall.

                Derek: You met my cousin Tara?
                Bob: Yeah, she's mad cool.

That gets really annoying.

Well, there's probably a lot more, but I've got Spanish homework. So I guess it would be appropriate for me to say, "ADIOS!"


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