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Warning: This post shall be extremely poorly written.

No, no, no, don't be expecting my usual super-long posts. I kind of just wanted to VERY BRIEFLY update ya'll with my life as of now since the last time I REALLY posted, which was....shit. The last time I made a legit post was in July.


Annnnnyway. Here goes.

September -- I started school at that smart-people school that I got accepted into. We need to give that school a name, cause I'll be mentioning it a lot...How about NYC Science? If you live in New York City, you're probably laughing right now, and can probably immediately guess the name of my school. Hehe. Any guesses?
Shameless Promotion of My School:
   . Number one high school speech & debate team IN AMERICA. WHOOO.
   . If you obsessively watch the show Everybody Hates Chris, you'd know that Greg and Chris both applied to my school, but only Greg got in.
   . We have had the most alumni to receive Nobel Prizes -- more than any high school in America :)

Wow okay, I'm already kind of sick of promoting my school....


So September, I started school there. I found out that my past life of over 100 averages was far gone, and I could barely keep my average over a 90.

A 90. I can't even get a fucking 90. Do you know what my average is right now? An 89. Like. Whattafuck. Everyone is telling me to transfer out of my smart school and go to a normal school where I'll get good grades by working less. But but but. I don't know. I really like my school. So many fricken' geniuses all together. It's kind of...amazing? And we have so many opportunities at my school, and we always have Ivy League University recruits coming to our school and laughing with our students, so I feel like I'd be throwing away a HUGE blessing.

Rant over.

So how about some pictures of awesome students from school?

Senior Guys are amazing.

This is the "Shirtless Guy" Club at my school. I'm not even joking. I don't even know what they do during their Weekly meetings.

Their shirts say "Seniors Run On Freshman" :D (This was for Freshman Friday)

According to this lovely diagram, "Seniors Rule The World," Freshmeat - I mean Freshman - are banished to a small island.

The "O" in "Senior" is our school logo. Cause it's NYC Science. Yeah.

Such awkward people, I can't even...



The front of my school.

Halloween costume of my friend 

Seniors on Halloween all dressed as Gingerbread men having a wrestling match in front of the ice cream truck after school...

More "Shirtless Guy" Club....
Our "Urban Dance" Club performing in the cafeteria

Hehe. All taken from Facebook.

I believe I told you guys that I joined the Speech&Debate team at my school, right? Yeah, I joined Debate -- or more specifically, Policy Debate (There's also Lincoln Douglass Debate, Public Forum Debate, Congressional Debate, and more. But Policy Debate is the ORIGINAL debate -- created before any of the others).

POLICY DEBATE IS SO MUCH FUN. I mean, it's hard work and it takes practice and it takes thinking and it's a bit expensive at times and it's hard when you lose but OH MY GOD. SO FUN.

Is anyone here in Policy Debate? If you are, you're going to love it when I say : Policy Debate kicks aff and is the CXiest form of debate out there. Mwahahahaha. No one got that? Alright, I guess everyone thinks I'm weird.

SO my school is kind of like...feared in terms of debate. When people get the schematics at a tournament and find out that their first round is with NYC Science, they freak and go find their Varsity Directors or maybe even their Debate Coaches for help.

In October, my school hosted a HUGE, INTENSE Speech&Debate tournament that high schools all across America came to and competed in and had been preparing for months for.. I bet some of your schools even came. I'm not going to mention the name of the tournament, because you could just Google it and then millions of entries of my school would come up. And that's awkward.

Since I'm a novice debater (Someone who's new to debate) and I attend NYC Science, me and the other novices were allowed to watch rounds of some of the best debaters in the country. OH MY GOD THEY WERE SO AMAZING, LIKE I CAN'T IMAGINE EVER BECOMING THAT GOOD. 

Some basic Policy Debate shiz:
   . Policy Debate is done with a partner. 
   . When you're Varsity, it's shameful if you can't speed read -> SPREAD.
   . Every year, the topic for Policy Debate changes. This year, it's 
             Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the Earth’s mesosphere.
     You had to prepare for both sides of this argument, because you don't get to pick which side you're on during a round. If' you get Aff, that means you support this argument. If you get Neg, you don't support this argument. Pretty straightforward, right?
    . When you read evidence, it's called reading a 'card'
    . The entire round is done facing at your judge. You aren't supposed to be looking at the opposing team. You look at your JUDGE.

Ha. Ha ha. One of the rounds we were watching were between a team of girls vs. a team of guys. 

The Girl Team
Girl 1 seemed soft-spoken and delicate and "Typical-White-Girl" at first, but she was an amazing spreader (Like, she was reading so fast that my little untrained novice ears couldn't catch anything). And she was very good at answering CX (Cross-Examination) questions.
Girl 2 was an aggressive Asian. Didn't quite think things through...

The Guy Team
Guy 1 was super hot. Just wanted to put that out there. And now on to this debating skills...he was SO cocky, and that made me kind of not like him. He was laughing and smiling and rolling his eyes and just seemed so dandy and I wanted to slap the smile off his face.
Guy 2 was nothing of interest. Guy 1's hot-ness distracted me too much.

So Guy 1 was asking questions to Girl 1 during CX. He strolled over to the front and lazily asked her seemingly simple questions but they were actually being fired at her since they were so important.

Guy 1: So how do you know that the Missile Defense system we want to implement will damage the environment? *smiles at judge*

Girl 1 explains thoroughly about some scientific research and stuff and it was very credible and I give her props for that.

Guy 1: *grins* Oh, is it? Do you have any cards for that?

Girl 1: *annoyed by his stupidity* No -- this is basic science. If you've taken any elementary level chemistry class, you'd know this.

The judge and all the novices laughed.

Guy 1: *squinting in annoyance* That is all.


Anyway. Here's some pictures from the event. At least you can somewhat find the angry debaters amusing, like I did. None of them taken by me, of course.


The girl wearing the pink blazer was Girl 2. Girl 1 is in stripes.


My first tournament was at my own school. Our Varsity coaches told us not to worry, because compared to others, we were really good. Actually, she didn't say that. She said, "Guys. Novices fucking suck. Don't worry." There were three rounds at the first tournament.

1st Round -- We were Aff. Two hicktown white boys, one of which desperately needed a haircut. They were so terrible. They didn't even bring papers to flow on ("Flowing" is basically debate lingo for "taking notes" in like, this chart-like way). THEY DIDN'T EVEN BRING A PEN! They asked us for one, so I gave them a yellow highlighter. Snicker, snicker. Yeah, so they were terrible and I actually laughed at them in the middle of our round (Sorry, guys..) BUT SOMEHOW. OUR JUDGE VOTED FOR THEM. LIKE. NO. WHAT THE HELL. Our coach told us not to worry since Novice tournaments always have bullshit judges, but...asgdhdgfawhgfhsgdfgshfgdsgksd.

2nd Round -- We were Neg. We creamed them. We creamed them so badly. And it felt so good. We made all their plans look ridiculous. And we beat them on TOPICALITY, which is like impossible to beat someone with (Topicality is a tricky way to beat a team, because you're basically saying that the opposing team's plan is untopical -- it doesn't relate to the Resolution.) Their plan was to send something down to Earth from space or some shit like that. My partner and I argued that their plan was untopical because we weren't increasing exploration or development of space beyond the Earth's mesosphere -- we were sending things back down to Earth. That's not the point of the Resolution.
Haha. One of them was SO BAD at CX. He asked me since one of our arguments against developing in space was that if we increase space development, China will think we are trying to compete with them, which could ultimately lead to economic collaspe ---> nuclear war ---> extinction, he asked "How do you know China is a country?"
I'm like ....
My partner and I looked at each other in amusement, and then I looked at our judge (SUPER HOT JUDGE) and raised my eyebrows. He laughed and shrugged his shoulders, telling us to just disregard the stupidity standing in front of me.
We won that one. Obvvvvviously. Our judge said we were amazing, and that he thought we were varsity. I was like :D

3rd Round: We were Aff. Hardest one of the day. Two bitchy girls who hated my partner because she is SO BEAST at CX. Like, she terminates. It's a bit insane. They had some skill....but hah. Not enough.

Final Results : 7th Place Team Award (Which is really good, when there's like 100 + Policy Debaters). We got medals. AWWWWYEAHHH.

Second tournament was at some school in upstate NY. The whole bus ride there, since all of us live in NYC, our debate coach was cracking jokes about how we were going to the most exciting town in Ny....and it really wasn't. It was so tiny and plain and suburban and blah. I felt awkward laughing at the jokes, since most of my life I'VE lived in towns like those myself....

1st Round: We were Neg, up against two older guys who claimed to be novices. Mhmm -_- They were really good...During one of my speeches, one dude came up behind me right next to my face to see what I was reading (Its allowed) and I was caught off guard, so I was like, "Um. Hi." And he was like, "Hey." And I was like AWKS and I went back to reading.
At the end, one of the guys asked me for a hug. He was also Mexican. He was also intimidating. He was also pretty sleazy looking. I gave him a hug.


2nd Round: We were Aff. Our opposing team was a Mexican guy + Black girl. WE WERE SO CRUSHED. The girl argued like we were in a streetfight. Ajsdsgksdf. Very annoying round.

3rd Round: We were Aff. We went up against two girls from my brother's school, which is THE TOP HIGH SCHOOL in New York City, and higher ranking than us in the Top 24 High Schools of America. Needless to say, we're rivals. Luckily, their. Debate. Novices. Suck. So. Bad. Our Novice directors were like, "Don't worry, you'll beat their asses, that school's novices don't know shit" and we were still scared. But as soon as I  started the round and read my speech and they began CXing me, I was like


They were just that bad. So like, we crushed them. Hehehe.

No medals for us at that tournament, because were only 1-2. But all the Policy debaters (novice + varsity) went to some Chipotle in the middle of Manhattan when we came back. HELL YEAH.


1st Round -- We were Neg. Two ghetto black guys. One was JV and one was a novice. Before the round starts, you're allowed to ask the other team what their plan is. Their plan was some really weird case about stopping racism and cooperation among countries to help this happen? SOMTHIN' LIKE DAT. We had absolutely no idea how to run against this case, so we found our novice director and asked her for help. So she flashed us a document onto our laptop and said, "READ THIS. THIS HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Even if you don't understand this, just read it."

The round started. They gave their speech. I clicked on the document to open it. And then, "This file is corrupted and cannot be opened."


^ My thoughts at that moment.

Literally, we had ABSOLUTELY no evidence against their case. It was so depressing. And you know what we did? Would you like to know what we did?

We fucking winged it.

That's right.

We winged it, we made information up, and WE WON.

We attacked everything about their plan. We won on topicality (Again, topicality is so impossible), we won on the fact that the impacts of implementing their plan were far worse than the impacts of NOT implementing their plan, which made our case look awesome. Tee hee.

2nd Round -- HA. Two suckers. We were Neg. It was beautiful. I was getting so animated, and I was explaining how if we send anything else up into space, it causes a collison cascade that ultimately leads to nuclear war with Russia (it's a long story). My last words were, "...and it causes nuclear war" and I kind of did these weird animated sprinkling motions with my hands, and that's when I knew the elderly judge thought I was adorable and I walked back to my partner and sat down and said, "We won."

And we were only halfway through the round.

3rd Round -- We were Aff. The two girls were annoying. We won. End of story.

4th Round -- We were Neg. This, by far, was probably the hardest and most interesting round I've ever debated. We were up against two slutty girls who seemed older than us, and walked into the room with these smug looks on their faces like, "We is so going to win." We talked to them a bit before the round started and found out that THEY HAVE BEEN DEBATING FOR THREE YEARS.

"Are you serious?!" I asked. "Three years?"

"Yeah. How about you guys?"

I look at my partner. "This is our third tournament. Ever. In our lives."

Other girl's face is like >:-)

The round started. Like I said, it was the fricken' hardest round we've ever done, especially since they were way more experienced than us. Also, their plan had almost no flaws to it, so it was really hard for us to make it look bad and show the judge why their plan sucks.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: OUR JUDGE WAS SOOO HOT. And he was only a few years older than us, as I found out after the round was over.

ANYWAYY. So like, I gave the very last speech for Neg (which is also the most important one for Neg). And I was so nervous and freaked and I was like telling myself, "It's okay to lose. You know you lost. Stop trying." And yet, I made it the most passionate, intelligent Neg speech that I have ever delivered, and ignored the other team's obvious rudeness like when they were cursing under their breaths or rolling their eyes. I CONTINUED MY AWESOME SPEECH. Like, damn. I still can't even believe I did that...

Still, when I was done, I sat down next to my partner and said, "Yo."

She turns around. "Hm?"

"We're fucked."


Next up, the Aff gave their own last speech. Honestly, I thought it was really good. So good, that my partner and I sadly began packing our papers as the judge started talking.

"So guys, this was a really good, close round. There were lots of strong arguments made, and my flows are really organized, which is a pleasant surprise."

Partner and I continue packing sadly.

"But overall, I chose Neg from NYCScience..."


Partner and I snap our heads up. Legit, the first thought that came to my head was, He chose Neg? Then I guess we must be Aff...

Partner is in such shock that she asks, "Wait, we're Neg?"

And then the judge continues and starts talking about how good we were and comments on all the good things we did and my partner and I on the inside are just like

But on the outside, we're all like

And then the judge said, "The Neg's last speech was the best speech of the entire round. It answered all the major arguments and ..."

I really didn't hear the rest cause I was too busy smiling like

And he gave me the IMPOSSIBLE SPEAKER POINT OF 29. WHICH IS FRICKEN' IMPOSSIBLE TO GET. (The highest is 30, and the highest I've heard of a novice getting is 29.5)


Soon after, they gave out the awards in the auditorium. First, they announced Individual Speaker Awards. I was like, "Whatever, I'm never good enough to get Speaker Awards, I always get Team Awards."



Medals <3

My partner got 6th place. Daaaaayummmm.

And then they did Team Awards. My partner and I were listening and listening and listening and waiting for our names...they passed 15th place, then 12th, then 10th, then 8th, then 7th, and when they got to 5th place, my partner and I sat down and concluded that we weren't getting anything.





The bus ride back to Manhattan was amazing and festive and just felt all around good. And then from Manhattan, our group got smaller as people went their separate ways. BUT WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT, LIKE....WOW.

Annyway. Our fourth tournament was the most recent. UGH. So stupid. We were having it at a REALLY BEAUTIFUL private school in Manhattan (There was a couch in the bathroom. I swear) , but they made all the Policy Debaters compete in the school gym.


In about an hour, all of our laptops died, and we were all freaking out because there was no power outlet to charge it. And all of our evidence was on the computer.

Long story short, we managed some way or the other. Meh.

1st Round -- We had to go up against our own team members. So fricken strange, since we knew exactly what the others' plan was. The reason for this was because there were so many competitors from NYCScience that we were paired up with each other. We were Aff. And we won.

2nd Round -- Up against my brother's school, two Asian dudes. We were Neg. WE MADE THEM LOOK LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN. But...somehow we lost. Even though that was, without a doubt, our fricken' BEST round of the entire tournament.

3rd Round -- My brother's school again, two Asian girls. We were Neg. It was a total phail for them. We won. Hah.

Results -- We got 2-1. We got a Team Award. Whoop-de-doo.

SO LIKE. I still have a lot that I want to talk about on this post. I mean, it's been SO long...but I feel like I'm boring you all with debate stuff, SO BYE FOR NOW.


Ha. Who still reads this blog? This blog is dead.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I miss blogging.

School is my life right now ----> I hate my life.

..Is that depressing? I didn't mean for it to sound like that. But really. School is just...ugh.

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I know you guys have absolutely NO idea who Nathan is (and the newcomers to this blog don't even know Lydia) but I just seriously had to get that out of my system because it's been driving me crazy and when I found out I could barely breathe and I had a mini panic attack and she thinks he's a hunk and yeah, he is a hunk, but it's!

Kay. I'm done.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I need ideas for a play/musical I could write. The crazier, the better -- but normality is welcomed as well.

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Hello?

Oh yeah. And I need these ideas NOW. Like, NOWW.

Thank you. You guys are amazing. I say this all the time, but for realz, yo. AMAZING.

And Ash, Paradise by Coldplay IS SO. FREAKING. AWWESOMEEE.

I had to put that out there.

But anyway! Ideas! Ideas! Ideas! Keep em' coming!


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Behold...The Search Keywords That Lead To My Blog

swag yearbook covers of 2011 

a blogging survey named nicolai 
WOW. Christopher must be so happy right now.

oah woah ..i invented the goddamn buttcheeks
I just about died while reading this.

lazy teens that like pikachu
Well...I'M a lazy teen and I like pikachu.

britney spears james white
Okay then.

i dont care
Neither do I. Jerk-face. Meanie. Sasquatch.

charlieissocoollike watermelon head
:D <--My face at this moment.

funny scared faces

I know EXACTLY which post this is from.

metimes he still hears tex's slow southern drawl. he remembers
Ah...the "6 afraid of 7" joke.

monkey in subway
Well I'M a monkey and I go on the subway.

pics of katy perry skinny dipping
D: <-- My face at this moment.

smart car tall people
No idea why my blog would come up for this.

underground hallways in harry potter
Well the hall from Princeton University seems to
resemble a hallway in Harry Potter...

These are very, very strange search key words.

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What's up, everyone?

I know, I's been way too long. Funny, it feels like I'm always opening up a post with an apology now on. Sorry. I really should keep up with my posting.

Anyway. This isn't going to be long. This is just to tell you guys that I'm still alive, cause some of my amazing followers-friends-awesome peeps were actually concerned about me, which I honestly think is the sweetest thing. Ever. And it kind of amazes me that I've never met any of you and yet I actually care about you too. That' But it feels good, you know?

One person in particular is in my mind when I say they were concerned and how I think they're super sweet. I won't reveal this person in case he gets embarrassed.



...I'm not exactly subtle.

But yeah. You guys make my world a happy place.

Sooo the reason I haven't been posting is the reason for everything and anything: SCHOOL. UGH.

Yeah. The stupid nerdy school I got into is extremely tough. My routine is to wake up at 5:00 am and then go to sleep at 2:00 am because of all the homework. So basically, I'm awake for 21 hours at a time and have a little 3-hour nap in between. One week feels like a super, super, super long day. And by the time the weekend comes around, I'm pretty much ready to drop-dead and cry in a corner.

Is that weird?

I shall update you guys on my life soon (hopefully). But before I update you guys on ANYTHING, I need to know something very very important.

How old do you guys think I am? I'm not into revealing my age or anything, but now that my posts are probably going to include a lot about school and stuff, it'd probably be helpful if I told you guys. But...I don't know. Age is a touchy subject with me. How old do you guys think I am? If enough of you get it right, I'll just tell you guys anyway. Maybe. I don't know. Agh! Just leave a comment and tell me how old you guys think I am? Okie? Good.

Also, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards has opened again! YAYYYY! It'd be a crime if I didn't tell all you wonderful writers and artists here on Blogger. Go sign up!

Hmm. Yeah. So.


NOTE: I want a SPECIFIC AGE. Not "somewhere in your teens". A specific age.
Thanks youz.

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Okay, so Eid for us was actually yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to wish the Muslims here Eid Mubarak cause I was having too much fun.

But y'know.

Here's a joke:

Why is six afraid of seven?

Six hasn't been the same since he left Vietnam. Every time he closes his eyes, he's sees Charlie hiding in the darkness of the forest. Not that you could ever see those bastards, mind you. They were fast and they knew their way around the jungle. He remembers the looks on the boy's faces when they walked into that village and... oh Jesus. He shouldn't think about that now. Sometimes he still hears Tex's slow southern drawl. He remembers the smell of Brooklyn's cigarettes. He always had a pack of Luckys. But the boys are gone now... he knows that. It's--it's just that he forgets sometimes. And sometimes the way that seven looks at him... it makes him think. Sets him on edge. And he feels like he's back there... In the jungle... In the darkness.

Seven has a hook for a hand as well, which is very scary.

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A Blogging Survey Named Nicolai That I Really Should've Done Earlier But I Didn't Have Time So Here It Is, Christopher.

Note: Hi there. If you're a follower of this blog, guess what? YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED TO DO THIS SURVEY. GET SURVEY-ING.

1) Please state your name for the record?


2) If you were a penguin, on the other hand, what do you think your name would be? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Eeshinator. Oh yeah.

3) Would you consider your ears to be smaller than average, average, larger than average, or freakishly large?

Average. Well, sometimes when I walk in a crowded street, people bounce off my ears and fall to the ground and get trampled over because my ears are in the way. That's pretty average-sized, right?

4) Are you more of a Beatles or an Elvis fan? (If you answer the latter, please proceed to go set yourself on fire and then die in a hole.)

Beatles. Elvis could be the face of pedophiles.

5) Have you ever killed anyone? If so, did you do it with your bare hands?

Of course I didn't kill anyone. *Scoff* What do you think I am, some type of murderer? Some type of evil person? Some type of person who relishes the pain of other people? I mean, God. Just because I have a shirt that says, “I Relish The Pain Of Other People” doesn't mean I actually do. God. Psh.

6) If you could use any fruit to describe the size and shape of your head, what fruit would you use?

Well my head is oval-shaped, so...a banana.

7) Is there any famous person you'd go gay for? Please state their name. This question is, of course, purely for academic purposes.

I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever in a million
years go gay. So this question is inapplicable to me.

8) If you had the choice, would you rather go to space, meet Paul McCartney, scuba dive in the Pacific Ocean, or sleep with Carmen Electra?

GO TO SPACE!!! Wait wait wait...SCUBA DIVE IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN!! Wait wait wait...God, this is hard. GO TO SPA – no, wait...

9) How long have you had your blog? What made you start one?

I'd had my blog since November 3, 2010. As you can see, it's relatively new. It hasn't even passed one year left. I started it because of a couple of reasons:

. My dear friend Olivia has had a blog for a long time, and I always thought it was pretty freaking awesome. And she also kept insisting that I make one.

. My dear cousin Misticalnia got a blog like the week before me, so I was like, “Screw it. Everyone's making a blog. Might as well try it.”

. I used to keep a diary a while ago, but for some reason I stopped in the summer before seventh grade. This probably wasn't a good decision, cause well. I'm a writer. I write. That's just what I do. And I hate it when I forget about memories and stuff. So if I don't write down every little thing that happens to me somewhere, I get really anxious. I have to have every single thing of my life documented somewhere, or I'll be restless. So although I never started writing a diary again, this blog was an alternative. And I'm glad I made one.

10) What is your weirdest phobia?

Well, I don't exactly have a lot of phobias. Just the usual. You know. Dogs, handkerchiefs, computers, sunlight, trees, birds, people, children, babies, adults, elderly folk, pencils, dying, apples, television, blogs, printers, and those nasty, nasty enchiladas. That's just a few of them. But you know – nothing radical.

11) Do you believe in God?


12) If you could start a collab. blog with any four bloggers, which ones would you do it with?

Eh...I was avoiding this question. When I was reading this survey for the first time on Christopher's blog, I knew then that this question was going to annoy me. And look at that! It is annoying me.

Okay. So. Four bloggers. I can do this.

Hmph. Not fair. Only four bloggers. Harumph.

But there's so. Many. That. I. Enjoy. How am I supposed to pick... just...four?!?!

Okay. I'm going to do this completely off the top of my head. They could change at any moment. These are the ones I'd pick for this particular second in this particular minute of this particular day. Yeah. My four bloggers would be:

Bookish.Spazz at Bookish.Spazz (I had so much fun saying that)

Nas at Closing Pandora's Box (Such an amazing name for a blog, right? He's amazing, too)

ThatBlondGuy (Christopher, the tiny leprechaun who made up this survey) at The Nerd Archives


13) If you were trapped on a desert island with the same four bloggers you mentioned in the last question, which one would you eat first? With which one would you procreate?

We wouldn't even need to eat another blogger because Ash would obviously bring us all some cheesecake, duh. And I think it's pretty obvious who I'd procreate with.

14) What's your favourite 80's movie?

Omigosh this is hard. There's so many! Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Karate Kid, Back to the Future, E.T., Star Wars – the list goes on and on.

15) What kind of music do you listen to?

Whatever sounds good, I'll listen to.

16) Imagine that you open your bedroom closet one day and suddenly a portal opens up. You can't see what is at the end of the portal, but there is a totoro inside it motioning you to follow him. Would you go inside, even if it might mean you'll never come back?
I...I can't even imagine that scenario. Part of me wouldn't even REALIZE that I'd be taking a risk by going inside, so I would. The other part, if told that I'd never come back, would definitely not.

17) If you're a woman, do you find facial hair on men attractive? If you're a man, do you find facial hair on woman attractive?

Not mustaches. I do not like mustaches.

18) Do you like babies?

This question could not have been asked at a better time. A friend I made at my new school during the summer courses (which are now over, by the way) has an inside joke with me where basically we yell at each other in the halls, “DO YOU LIKE BABIES?” and then the other replies, “YES I LIKE BABIES.” I'm not sure how this started, but it's a pretty awesome inside joke.

19) What's the most violent thing you've ever done to an inanimate object?

Thrown it, bitten it, stomped on it, and sat on it.

20) What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? brother and I went to Hershey Park when we were like somewhere between third grade to fifth grade and we were forced into this little pen of excited five year olds and a really excited guy in his mid-twenties who was dancing and he was trying to get everyone excited about making chocolate or something, so to do this, he was dancing like CRAZY and getting all the kids hyped up (who also danced like crazy and jumped up and down) and my brother and I just stood there all stiff like, “What the fup is going on.”

And surrounding the pen were all the adults whose kids were in the pen, and whose kids were on line to get in the pen, and they were all cooing at the cute kids jumping/dancing, and our parents were yelling at us to start dancing and jumping, cause they didn't pay for this for nothing.

Yeah. I try not to think about that horrible memory.

21) Do you think the world will end in 2012?

Obviously not. Facebook sums it up clearly: “When it's 2013, I'm going to the DVD store and putting the movie 2012 in the Comedy section.”

22) Have you enjoyed this survey? Be honest, now.


23) Are you following The Nerd Archives? If not, DO YOURSELF THE FAVOUR OF DOING SO NOW.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Got In a Fight With a Really Big Guy, and He Said, "I'm Going to Mop the Floor With Your Face." I said, "You'll Be Sorry." He said, "Oh, Yeah? Why?" I said, "Well, You Won't Be Able to Get Into the Corners Very Well."

Oh. Hi there.

OH MY GOSH IT HAS BEEN SO LONG. So much has happened since the last time I actually posted. And by posted, I don't mean showing you guys cool poems or something. I mean actually POSTING.

Yeah. So the last time I made a real post was on May 23rd. That was like, two months ago. If you think nothing has happened in two months, then you're very very very very very wrong.

Your comments on the last post made me feel needed. I felt special. And those comments were the ones that actually made me think, Wow. People actually read my blog. I better go write a post.

Before I begin this wildly epic post, I would like to pose a question: When I write a really long post, you guys complain about the longevity of it. And then when I post a little bit, you guys say you need more. I don't know how to find a balance between the two because I suck, so which one would ya'll prefer to read? THANKS.

So May 23rd was the last time I posted, eh? To keep things at a bearable reading level, I'll bullet things that have happened.

. Ms. Attorney (the English teacher I had before school ended) was talking about different styles of writing in class one day. She started calling out her best writers in class and describing how they write. She talked about one kid named Daniel and said that he was a very analytical, critical writer. Then she called out Lydia (the crazy grades person) and said she was a visual writer. And then she called out me and said, “Eeshie's an old soul. When you read her writing, it sounds like she's been writing for years.” I was beaming at this comment, but then my friend ruined it for me by saying that I write like a grandma. Meanie.

I got out of school to go to some poetry competition! Yayy! My two friends Cindy and Ophelia were with me, so it was all good. My poem was lonnnnnnnng (just like my posts. See a trend here?) and sad. My best poems are all long and sad. When I read it out loud, people were like patting my backs and giving me looks of pity and saying stuff like, “I'm sorry.” And then I was like, “Um...this isn't real. I made it up.” And then they all straightened their backs and said, “Oh! Well then.” Yeah it was amusing. I didn't win, and neither did my friends. But, one of the winners was from our school, and she totally absolutely COMPLETELY deserved to win. Her poem was real. All emotions were straight from the heart. And it was sad. It was like about how her father left her family and stuff and it was just so amazing and when she found out she won she started crying. So epic right there.

. Planking annoys me. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I like you.

A picture I took at the mall:

Ophelia, being awesomely artistic, made this dress for some play we started-but-never-finished in school (The dress is being modeled by our other friend Alexis):

My friend Cindy drew this. The realistic-ness is frightening.

Cindy's ring that I adore so much:

On June 9th, school was closed for all students in NYC. On this day, that smartical school that I will be attending in September was having some kind of day that was similar to an orientation for incoming/transferring students. Also, they would be administering a math and english placement test.

No one really knew where they were going. I saw one Asian boy and one Asian girl walking around. I had seen them on the train with an elderly figure that could pass as their mother, so I assumed they were siblings.

Hey, do you guys know where to go?”

Um...yeah, not really,” the girl laughed.

We're just as lost as you are,” the boy confirmed.

Oh how old are you?” I asked the girl. She said she was the same age as me. So then I asked the same question to the boy. Again, he was the same age as me. So I said, “Oh, you guys are twins??”

The two teens looked at each other. And then the boy said, “What. Just cause we're both Asian means we have to be related?”

Have you ever felt so embarrassed that you wanted to punch yourself for being so stupid? Yeah that's how I felt.

No! Oh my gosh! No! I'm sorry! I – ”

Yeah, yeah,” the boy said, cutting me off teasingly.

No, really! I saw you two in the subway with someone that could pass of as your mom so I-I just...assumed...”

They said it was okay, but I felt pretty retarded.

I found out that the girl's name was Kerry and the boy's name was Kevin. I mean, COME ON. They even have similar names! Why not just be siblings!?

Anyway. I also discovered that Kerry and I had the same homeroom. Woot woot!

Pretty soon, everyone was rounded up and sent to their homeroom. Kerry and I sat near each other. Here, we'd be taking the placement test.

First came the math. It was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so impossibly, frustratingly difficult. It didn't help matters that the teacher administering the test said, “If you screw this test up, you'll be placed in a low-level math class.”

AHHH. FUP. (<---Clever play on words, you see?)

The writing was after that. I was expecting a nice prompt or persuasive essay – something that I was amazing in. Instead, they gave us an article on global warming and some short answer questions.


After the tests were over, I asked everyone around me how they found the math test. That fact that most of them said, “Wow, that was so easy! I can't believe that test was for a school as good as this one! I was done in two minutes!” did not comfort me.



Ah, well. What's done is done. There was an optional test after that for people who wanted to join Math Team. Yeah, I didn't join. As if.

After that, we were led to the gymnasium where a mini 'Club Fair' was being held – basically, a bunch of the clubs/teams of the school each have a table and try to get people to join.

I looked at clubs/teams with Kerry, who was turning out to be super friendly. Yeah, I joined like every club within a ten foot radius.

The first club we signed up for was Badminton Club. DON'T LAUGH. WE WERE BEING IMPULSIVE, AND IT'S A FUN SPORT.

Then, I joined Speech and Debate Team. Our team is the #1 in the country and never loses to any school. #2 is some random school in California, but OUR school is #1, and it has like over 300 members. WOW.

Next, Model UN. Apparently, this is very similar to Speech and Debate, except that it's less intense.

Then I joined Key Club. Obvious reasons. I'm in desperate need of volunteering hours. My 99 hours was done like, three years ago. Now they might not accept it.

Robotics. ...Don't ask. They reeled me in with free stuff. I asked the energetic girl there, “What if you have like, no knowledge on engineering at all?” She said, “No worries!! I learned everything here!!”

Red Cross Club. I hear it's just like Key Club. We shall see.

MSA!!! If you hadn't realized, that means 'Muslim Student's Association.' I walked up there feeling kind of self-conscious about not wearing hijab, but then this really tall hot Paki guy who was in MSA smiled and said, “Assalamwalaikum” and I was just like, “WHERE'S THE PEN?!? I GOTTA SIGN UP!!”

Misticalnia was happy that I joined, but she said I did it for all the wrong reasons. Go away, Misticalnia. Hot guys are awesome. :P

But in all seriousness, I truly did want to join. You get to have time off to pray (SO COOL!) and they throw ...wait for it...EID PARTIES!!!!!!

Where are my Muslim readers? AIN'T IT AWESOME!!?

Yeah. So. MSA looked really fun. I think the hijab-clad girls there knew how self-conscious I felt, so they assured me, “Don't worry. Lots of our members don't wear hijab. Not all of them are even Muslim.”


Kerry made me look at the Gay-Straight Alliance with her, even though I had absolutely no intention or desire to join. I wanted to make a quick getaway, but then they noticed me. So it'd be weird if I didn't say anything.

So,” I said flatly. “What is this club about?”

They blinked back at us just as flatly. There were only two people at the table, and the table was empty.

Well,” they finally said. “The name is pretty self-explanatory.”

I wanted to roll my eyes, but I said, “So, what do you guys do?”

Basically, we sit around and hang with our friends and eat pizza and get credits for it.”

Oh. That's cool.” And then I walked away.

Yeah. So I'm probably going to drop more than half of these when I actually get there in September. Buttttt you know.

For our Honor Society Induction Ceremony, four people were chosen to read their essays. I was the only one from Gryffindor – everyone else was from Hufflepuff. Of course, right? I read the essay pretty badly...which kind of sucks. But ah, well. What's done is done. At least I got to light a big-ass candle that was reserved for essay readers. Yup.

. In a separate awards ceremony that followed the Honor Society one, I got a Gold Medal for Yearbook. I laughed. I also got a President's Award or something...WITH A PIN!!! Now, for the past years that I've gotten the President's Award, I never ever got a pin. We have like a stack of those awards and there are no pins with them. But this year, I GOT A PIN!!! WHOO!!!! IT'S SO SMALL AND CUTE!! Pins are awesome.

. Ohmygosh at the end of the awards ceremony, they said, “And now what you've all been anxiously waiting for...we will reveal the Top 12 students who will be competing for Valedictorian and Salutatorian.” At this moment, I clasped my hands together and prayed. No joke. And when they called my name, a HUGE (like, embarrassingly huge) grin of relief and happiness broke out onto my face. For a moment, I thought I wouldn't get called. But when I was, I was so freaking happy. On the stage, I passed my awesome science teacher and we exchanged smiles. She nodded at me in a way that said, “See? You're in the Top 12. Told you so.” Gosh, I love her.

Standing up there was truly amazing. The whole audience was applauding and some people actually stood up. My parents were smack dab in the middle of it all and were smiling like crazy. And my friend Helen in the first row was yelling my name like crazy.

From Gryffindor, the top students were MH, Lydia, Zainab, and me. After the program was over, everyone was let out into the lobby and cake was being served. It was crazy and packed and everyone was sweating. Somehow in the midst of it all, I found Zainab and we screamed each other's names. Then we grabbed MH from nearby. And soon Lydia joined us and said, “Hey we did it!!” We all wanted to say something to express our happiness and excitement, but no one could make any complete sentences. Finally, we just hugged each other and put our heads together and screamed.

Truly. Epic. Moment.

Sigh...good times. I'm going to miss being known as the smart one. This is all about to change. You'll see in a few bullets...

I finally bought a hair straightener. Yeah, I'm a teenage girl and I just bought one. I'm a fail. It's so … convenient! :D

Our school was hosting this huge End-Of-The-Year dance for us. They called it “Prom” just to get us excited, but it wasn't Prom. We thought it was. But it wasn't.

It was just a regular, rinky-dink dance in the school gym where the boys come in wearing anything and the girls come in way dressed up. Yeah, I didn't go – last year, some retards put drugs in the punch. -.- My school is just amazing, eh?

Buttttt a lot of my friends went. And oh my goshes, they looked so pretty!

This is MH trying to look like a model:

This is my friend Helen trying to look like a model:

These are two other people trying to model. The one on the left is the other Eeshie in my school, who I kind of like. The one on the right is mah friend Natalie.

Yeah, I took these pictures from Facebook. :D

Our End-Of-The-Year field trip was the worst field trip. Ever. In my life. The absolute worst, I tell you. It involved walking to the nearby college where we had our program during Spring Break. And we walked in like, 100 degree heat. Everyone turned three shades darker. I had no water with me. I … was... dying!

When we finally got there, there wasn't even anything for us to do. All they did was serve us food, and they allowed us into the huge football field where there was some sports equipment. Who in their right mind would do anything in that heat?? The teachers there were being really bitchy and were forcing everyone to sit on the bleachers – which were in direct sunlight. Fortunately, my friends and I are badass and cut under the bleachers until we were behind them. Behind them was a narrow strip of concrete that was in front of a building. This narrow strip of cold concrete under shadows was our sanctuary. I appreciated it so much that I took a picture of it:

Heavenly, no?

On the way back to school, the weather was even hotter. Everyone was whiny and didn't want to go back to school, especially the ones who live closer to the college than to the school (LIKE ME). I knew that as soon as we got to school, and the bell rang to dismiss us, I'd just be going back in the same direction. Which sucked.

Finally, when the heat simply became too unbearable for us, we said, “SCREW THIS FIELD TRIP!” and ran into some random air-conditioned Dunkin Donuts we happened to be passing. Turns out that half the school had snuck in their as well. HA!

It was actually a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, so Zainab and I shared a smoothie. Usually I don't buy smoothies at Baskin Robbins, but Zainab insisted that it was delicious. And holy guacamole, it was awesome.

Yeah. I think the teachers realized that we were gone, and they quietly went back to school anyway cause they wanted their air-conditioned rooms. Aren't they just so responsible? Psh whatever.

Eventually, us badasses (hehe) went back to school. In the side of the front building, there's a garden with this huge water sprinkler. Everyone was having an awesome time there, getting drenched and cooling off. I didn't get to go, because I was dragged upstairs to Mr. Goldburg's room – who has the best air conditioning of the school. YAY.

Whilst we were cooling off in the classroom, my friend MH came in like half an hour later completely soaked head to toe in water. She let out a pleasured moan, and we all knew she was officially cooled off. Her boyfriend James followed suit, equally drenched. They both collapsed on the ground and rested, lying flat on their backs.

Actually, much of the class collapsed on the ground and rested. Here's a lovely example:

 Like I said. “Lovely.”

Since Cindy and I practically made the entire yearbook by ourselves with my lovely yearbook teacher Ms. Reda, it's necessary that I brag about it here :D

Well. It was a total, huge success. I was like, on every color page. Everyone was confused. “Why is Eeshie on this page? And this page? And again, she's here too!” HAHAHAH IT WAS SO AMUSING. Ms. Reda signed my yearbook with like, tears in her eyes. She thanked me for helping out with the yearbook and gave me her email address so that I could update her with my life. It surprised me, but the gesture was so sweet.

I got such horrible grades on my Regents. Ugh. For Math, I got a 92%. And for Science, I got a 94%. BEFORE YOU ALL LAUGH AT ME FOR NOT LIKING MY GRADE, let me just say that I really should have done better because I know I'm capable of more. If I could have gotten a 100% on my Spanish Midterm two years ago, an impossibly high grade that was even better than the grades of the Hispanic people in my class, I really should have done better. I'm just so freaking lazy and now I'm regretting it. -.-

Two days after finding out the “Top 12,” we were called down to my yearbook teacher's classroom, instructed to bring our laptops. We went down nervously, because the way they chose the Valedictorian and Salutatorian was through writing. They'd give us a period or two to write on a topic they gave us, and whoever did the best would be the Valedictorian. On-demand writing. So we went down and were given the topic and were told to begin. My first piece was pretty awesome. But my second piece was horrific. At least I didn't cheat and use the Internet for tips and strategies like ¾ of the people there did. -.-

Did I win? ….no. Haha. Bet I had you going over there. No, I did not win. The Valedictorian was this incredible genius who we all knew was going to be valedictorian. Salutatorian was what the real competition was. Turns out it was MH! We were all shocked, because her essay was....well...very bad. I feel mean saying it but really, it was. She even admitted it. You could tell she was running out of ideas because she included Justin Beiber in her essay.


But somehow...I guess they ...liked it? I don't know how, but she became the Salutatorian. She was so confused. She looked over at me as soon as she heard her name and said, “I thought you were going to get it!” And then she was very happy with herself. Zainab and I were going insane! We were so happy for her, and happy that at least someone from Gryffindor was the Salutatorian. But Lydia was like, depressed that it wasn't her. Everyone could tell. Ah, well.

My birthday passed on June 27thThat Blond Guy was the only who remembered. Because I appreciated his gesture so much, I bought him an elephant that can fly. He really enjoys the elephant and has named it Frederick the Third.

My birthday was pretty cool. The day before, I was going crazy trying to finish one last project that we had, even thought it was the end of the year (Who gives projects when there are two days of school left??) I didn't notice when the clock stuck twelve and it was officially my birthday. As soon as it turned June 27th, my parents gave me gifts. They gave me a set of body lotions, shower gels, body sprays and stuff like that. It was Cherry Blossom. Yummy. Also, my mom gave me a bunch of rings and necklaces and earrings and stuff. YES.

Oh yes, and the day before, Misticalnia came over with her family. They got me cake. And also, they got me a supermegafoxyawesomehot handbag. Oh my gosh. So freaking pretty. It was amaaaaaaazing. THANKS, MISTICALNIA!!!! (She's probably not even reading this post. That's how wonderful my dear cousin is -_-)

On the day of my birthday, I walked into the classroom and braced myself to the wall as people started yelling, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” After overcoming my initial shock that everyone knew, I blushed and thanked them. Logan gave me a hug. Hehe. And Ruby gave me a HUGE gift bag with a bunch of helium balloons attached to it and squished me in a huge hug and gushed:


Inside the bag was like, a lot of things. I kind of felt guilty that she bought me so much stuff, but I didn't say anything at first. But when she pulled out a tin foil pie tray and said, “I made you a cake!” I couldn't help but tell her.

Ruby...this is all so nice...I feel so bad!”

Why would you feel bad? I'm giving you cake! What's bad about that??”

No, I's so much stuff. And I didn't get you anything for your birthday in September.”

She waved this off. “We didn't even know each other in September.”

Yeah, but...still.”

My friends and I gathered around my desk and we all ate cake. It was so good. I asked Ruby, “When did you make the cake?”

Well I finished the project at twelve. So by the time I finished the cake, it was one in the morning.”

:O <---My jaw dropped exactly like this.

So apparently, Alexis' boyfriend Erik and I share the same birthday. He's in the Hufflepuff honors class. My birthday was on June 27th, and school ended on June 28th, so no one was really going to any of their classes (including me). Around third period or so, a bunch of my friends and I went into my math teacher's room so he could sign our yearbooks, and we saw the whole Hufflepuff honors class in their, having their own little pizza party. It was weird, because our math teacher's room is in Gryffindor why would they be in here?

ANYWAY. The room was super crowded, because there were a lot of people from Gryffindor in their too, just as confused as we were. Erik was in the classroom, sitting next to Alexis. He had a single balloon tied on his arm.

knew that it was his birthday, but he didn't know it was my birthday. So I walked up to him with my huge bundle of gifts and balloons and teddy bear that said, “I Love You” and said, “Happy birthday, Erik!” He started blushing like crazy, because he thought I was giving all that stuff to him – including the “I Love You” crap. “Thanks,” he said, cheeks pink. I didn't realize what was going, so I turned around walked away. He was really confused, probably thinking, Where's my presents? She just walked away with them! YN was the only one who knew what was going on, and she explained to both us between fits of laughter.

Oh, it's your birthday, too?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah! You thought this stuff was for you?”

We both glanced at the “I Love You” teddy bear again and blushed.

When my awesome science teacher saw all the gifts I got, she raised her eyebrows in approval and said, “Nice haul, kid.” I cracked up. She also gave me a hug. Tee hee.

What made my birthday even more awesome was that I got Chinese food from my parents that night. I. Love. Chinese. Food. So. Much. Come on, how could you not love this?

 Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Oh my God, I need to stop with these pictures. I'm driving myself crazy with desire.

June 28th, the day after my birthday, was the last day of school. It was a highly emotional day for everyone, cause we're probably never going to see each other again. Senora Cifuentes was still putting lessons on the board, dutifully teaching us. I had her class third period, so I thought, Well, I skipped all my other classes. Might as well go to one of them and say good-bye. So I went over to the Spanish room with people from my Spanish class and we peered through the door window to see what was going on.

It was a pathetic scene. Four or five people who didn't cut because they're goody-goods stuck in their with Senora Cifuentes, copying down notes and listening to her whine about the heat. She glanced over at the door window and we took off sprinting in the other direction. That was the last I ever saw of her. What a wonderful way to end things.

We also got our report cards. I'm proud to say that I did not obsess over every little detail (even though my dad did). My final average for the year was over 100%. I am happy.

This one kid was still wearing uniform. On the last day of school. -__- Who wears uniform on the last day of school? Does he honestly think he's going to get in trouble?!

Yeah. So. A lot of my friends were blubbering and had tears and snot all over their faces. I was sad, but I didn't cry. The ones that I truly love and miss, I know I'll make a point to see them. And what do you know? I already have. :)

I'll never walk through these halls again as a student. Good riddance. It was the worst school ever.

A few days after school ended, SUMMER SCHOOL BEGAN. Yes, my friends. Now you find out what's been keeping me from this blog. Summer school. No, no – I didn't fail anything. It's kind of like, the complete opposite.

I have optional summer school. I didn't have to take the classes. But I'd be an idiot if I didn't take advantage of this.

The school that I'll be attending in September (That smartical school I talked about a while ago. #2 in the city or some crap? Yeah, that one) offers summer classes for six weeks. You can take three classes – Art/Drama, Music, and Health Science. These courses are like, the real shit. They're just as serious as if you take them during the school year. Perhaps they're even more serious – after all, it's a whole year's worth of a course done in six weeks. Time is scarce. Anyway, these grades follow you just as your math and english scores follow you everywhere – like college, high school transcripts – whatever.

Classes are from 8:10 am to 1:00 pm. Each class is 1 ½ hours long. Now, if my school were to be on the North Pole, then my house would be on the South Pole. Seriously. That's how far the commute is, and they're like on complete opposite ends. Plus, I have to take the subway to get there, which means it takes even longer. SO, when you consider everything, the time it takes to get to my school is 1 ½ -2 hours.


Yeah. In order to reach the school by 8:30, I must wake up by 5:30 am. In the summer. EVery day.


Yup. It's been an exhausting summer so far. Especially since they give us so much damn work!! When I signed up for summer school, I guess I didn't completely get it into my brain, Okay. You're going to the second-best high school in New York City, which is also one of the best in the country. The work is about to get mighty tough. Be prepared. Be ready.

Well I was NOT prepared and I was NOT ready for the boatload of work we were given! It wouldn't have been so bad, but the work is hard too! Like, what the hell?!?!?!

Ugh. And that's just Health Science, Art, and Music. Imagine how the REAL classes are going to be (Not mentioning any specific classes...MATH...ahem, cough, cough I suck at math, sneeze cough)

The first Health Science quiz we took, I got a horrible terrible disgusting stupid grade. I

^ Exactly how I felt. I wanted to cry. Fortunately, my teacher is being nice since we're new students and stuff, and she gave us an extra credit assignment. Currently, I have a 90% as my average. -.- I don't like it. It's an A-. I don't do anything other than A+. We'll see -__-

The train ride there gives me a lot of time to think. Well, at least for the first half. The first train I take (let's call it the A Train) is from my house to Manhattan. The A Train is pretty sleepy. Most of the people there are going to work or going early shopping. Just as it starts to get crowded, I get off the train at some stop in Manhattan. Four huge, endless flights of stairs later, I'm out of the Manhattan station. Once I'm out, I begin a short walk to another nearby train station. I like this short Manhattan walk, even more so when I'm coming home. It's bustling with activity. So I walk to the other station and go down two long flights of stairs and get to my next train (let's call it the B Train). The rest of the ride to school is more hectic than sleepy. Mainly because it's packed with other students going to my school.

For some reason, every single day I go on the B train in the mornings, this dude named MC is there with all his friends. And every single day I come home on the B train, I see MC and his posse again. (Yeah I used the word posse. Tis a cool word) They're really rowdy and you get the feeling that they think they're very cool (Well, most of them. There's actually a couple of guys that are genuine super sweet.) Ugh, and there's just so many of them that they take up like so many seats in the train. I can't tell you how many times I've had to stand up the whole time there. Annoying.

So before I knew that MC and his friends were a year older than me, I didn't care if I was the rudest girl on Earth towards him. On one particular day, I saw an empty seat and zoomed towards it, sitting down before checking who it was next to. I turned around and found myself face to face with none other than MC.


I blushed and stared straight ahead the whole time. We both see each other regularly but we never spoke a word to each other. So this was strange.

Then, a bunch of his friends were like crowding around us to talk to him. They're all laughing or talking or listening to music on headphones, and I'm STUCK right smack dab in the middle of it.

Yes, I was gritting my teeth in annoyance.

I felt really awkward there, and I wanted to leave. So I asked one of his friends, “Do you want to sit down?”

Of course, with those earphones in his ears, he couldn't hear a word.

I repeated myself loudly, “Do you want to sit down??”

Still nothing.

I repeated once more, this time pushing his arm lightly to get his attention. But noooo. He didn't even realize.

Finally, as I was about to just scream, MC smacked him in the stomach. The friend took his earphones off and MC pointed at me.

Dude, listen.”

And he did. So I repeated, “Do you want to sit down?”

He shook his head in what can only be described as a trying-to-act-gangster kind of head shake before saying, “Naaw, it's aiight.”

In my head: ….well, crap.

So it was official: I was stuck there until we got to my school. When MC took out his summer classes schedule, I decided to rid the boredom and talk to him.

Can I see your schedule?” I asked before taking it from his hands.



We had like, no teachers that were the same. After realizing this, I handed it back to him, uninterested.

Later that day, after school, I found out he was a year older than me from Lydia, who apparently knew him from somewhere.

Oh yes. Lydia. I forgot to mention her. Well, since we both got into the same school, we've been coming home together every day for the past few weeks. We're like...kinda...sorta...oh my gosh, I don't wanna say it........ugh....f-frien...f-friennn....AQUAINTANCES!! I refuse to call her my f-word.

...Well that came out wrong.

But yeah we come home together. And we've had some strange experiences together while coming home, so I guess we're...UCK bonding. These stories are also very funny, but they have to be on my next post. Too long.

Anyway. Enough about the train ride to school. Let me actually talk about the classes.

CLASSES. What can I say about them? First I have Music with a person we'll call Mr. Marshall. He's...very boring. And he's Jamaican. And he's elderly. And the first day of class, he took attendance for the first thirty minutes. And he thinks all his students know how to play the recorder, when the truth is that I can't play the recorder for shit. Someone needs to tell him, Just because most of your class is made up of rich Manhattan musical prodigies and Asians who can do anything, does NOT mean that know how to play the recorder.

And he gives mad projects! In the first four days of school, I got about ten projects in total, five of which came from him alone.

After Music, I have Health Science with Ms. Prude. She's a great teacher and the class is good,'s just too smart for me. I feel like a total failure, because I know nothing.

After that I have the last class of the day: Art with Ms. Drexer. She's...strange. Everyday, she comes in wearing black. And if that's not enough, she cycles the same three black outfits everyday. Black dress, black jumpsuit, black pants and shirt. And they're not even regular black outfits – they're like so ancient/colonial. I don't know why she can't get other clothing. I feel kind of bad for her – like, I'll buy her a giftcard if she wants. Is that weird? :\

Anyway. I'm doing AWESOME at Art. Who knew, right?!? On the left is the original drawing, and on the right is mine. Okay, it's not beautiful, but with my level of skills, it's pretty darned good.

I think I'm going to end this post now. In truth, there's so much freaking more to tell you guys (I'm already writing a list so I can start another post :D) but I've kept from you guys long enough. I hope this post was long enough for you guys. Mwahahhahaha! :D

 Oh, and let's not forget:

I go on the train every single day and I see this poster every single day. In every single subway station. It's so frustrating that I haven't seen the movie yet.