Monday, December 6, 2010

Secret Santa

I'm not Christian and I don't celebrate Christmas or anything, but I do enjoy giving and receiving gifts. In fact, I love giving and recieving gifts. I love it so much that I would do anything to give and receive gifts.
     It is because of that faulty obsession that I have gotten into a bit of a problem.
     My homeroom class is having a "Secret Santa" type of thingamajig/activity thing. You guys know how that works, right? Basically, all the names are put into a basket, you pick one name randomly, and you must keep that name a secret. You must buy a gift for that person to present to him/her on the last day before Winter Break arrives.
     I wasn't too excited about it, because I knew (I just knew) that I would pick out the name of the annoying boy who sits behind me in Math. So when the basket came around to me, I warily snatched a little piece of paper up.
     Quickly unfolding it, I let myself relax. I found it was the name of a nice girl. Someone that I actually liked.
      Oh. This will be fun.
      Naturally, there were rules for the gifts. Things like "No spending over $20-30" and "No innapropriate gifts (not sure what they mean by that)" and "Must be here the day before break" and "Absolutely, positively, no telling people who you have."
      Obviously, as soon as the bell rang, we all poured into the hallways and shared our Secret Santa pick.
      I really wanted to surpise the girl that I had, so I tried not telling anyone. Unfortunately, I told two people. Now I'm just hoping that they don't tell her.
      I happen to sit with my "Giftee" in Science. She was actually stressed on this Secret Santa thing. She said that she had asked pretty much everyone in the class if they had her, and no one said they had hers, so the only people left who could have her name were three chubby, unpopular, acne-ridden, awkward boys sitting in the corner of the room.
      She was actually sad. It hit me then that she had actually never asked me if I had her. Which, you know, was a good thing for me.
      Throughout the day, I realized that I had no idea what to buy her. What was I going to do?!? I felt guilty, cause my person knew who had my name, and she said it was a good person who would buy me something nice. But how would it be if I got her something bad?
      I guess I have some time to get a hold of myself. But I really want to get her something good. Something that she'll be able to look at and say to herself, "Oh, that Eeshie."
     Something memorable, you know?
     I heard her saying she wanted lip gloss. And then I heard her saying she wanted a Pillow Pet. And then I heard her say, "I'm just kidding."
    Anyone have any suggestions on what I should buy my "Giftee" for under $20? It can't be necklaces, earrings, pants, or shirts. But I'm open to other things. Any ideas? I'm desperate.


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  2. Here's a list of things:

    Charms bracelet

    Scented hand/body creams (those small, cute ones that come in packets from Bath&Body Works, or something like that. Or bath scents, bubble baths, body spray/mist - things like that.

    An adorable holiday stuffed animal (no girl ever gets tired of those)

    Chocolates or a hot cocoa mix with a small (preferably ceramic) mug

    Any of these topped with a friendly greeting card should be okay.

    What do you think?

  3. PS. I messed up on my first comment - spacing problem - and it really bothered me so I had to delete it and replace it with the new, second comment. Just in case you were wondering why I'd wanted to "remove" a comment, as so colorfully stated by Blogger. But yeah, that's why, in case you wanted to know. :D

  4. Oh yeah, thx for the suggestions! I figured out what to get her like the minute after I posted this. You know in Bath&BodyWorks, there are those gift baskets? They're only like 8-10 dollars so I think I'll get that.
    God. I wonder who has ME?


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