Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrities: Then and Now, Part Dos! Oh, And I Wanna Go To Princeton. Just Letting You Know.

Can you believe it? It's my...

Brother's birthday tomorrow!

I think I deserve a party. I mean, he deserves a party. Tell me when you're having it. You're all invited. Buy me, I mean him, some cake.

So! To celebrate the fact that it's my brother's birthday tomorrow! , I once again gathered pictures of celebrities before they became famous and compiled this post for y'all. Yes, yes, I know my brother really has nothing to do with celebrities. But oh well! Who do you think looks most similar to their childhood photo? Most different?

Katy Perry Then:

Katy Perry Now:

Rihanna Then:

Rihanna Now:

Leonardo Di Caprio Then:

Leonardo Di Caprio Now:

Taylor Lautner Then:

Taylor Lautner Now:

And a bonus celebrity!

Britney Spears Then:

Britney Spears Now:

So. Any favorites?

Moving on!

I suppose you're all waiting for me to say something witty and funny and unexpectedly hilarious. Well, I'm sorry. I don't have anything to say.

Just kidding!

So, the rest of this post is basically a whoooooooooole lot of pictures. And of course, a clever remark from me here and there. Shall we begin?

This is a bowl! A bowl!! I made it!! ME! I made it in sixth grade for some project that involved ancient Chinese people! And, well. This is supposed to be expensive porcelain, but in reality, it looks like someone constructed it out of Crayola Model Magic and painted little flowers on it with watercolor paints.

Not that I know anything about it...

This is what my hair looks like when I straighten it. Sigh. If only it'd stay like this all the time. Actually, I think I could pass off as Asian right now. You know – Chinese people? I look like I have CHINESE STRAIGHT HAIR!! YES! Again. Sigh. If only my hair stayed like this forever.

Harumph. Not fair that Chinese people are the ones that get straight hair. I want straight hair! Oh, and by the way, my hair isn't this long anymore. This was how long it was last July, in 2010. And that was about roughly seven or eight months ago. I cut it in December. I don't think my hair grew that fast...oh my God, what if I have magical fast-growing hair?

And does my hair look brown or black to you guys?

This, my friends, is PRINCETON. I went there last August (because it's my DREAM college) and it's gorgeous. Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. I took pictures of everything!

I took pictures of the windows...

I took pictures of the various tunnels separating buildings...

I took a picture when I looked up at a building...

I took a close-up tunnel picture...

I took a picture of the roof...

I took a picture of this tree...

I took pictures of a Harry Potter like hallway/tunnel that seemed to stretch on forever...

I took pictures of this bike...

My already-in-college friend took pictures of these bikes...

It was a pretty wonderful, amazing, watermelons experience.

What's your favorite children's book? I certainly can't pick just one. But some Honorable Mentions would have to be Rainbow Fish and Harold and the Purple Crayon. And, of course, Goodnight, Moon. I know that some of my readers may not have ever heard of these books (I have readers ranging from Singapore to Costa Rice to Pakistan to Australia), but look it up! These are actually quality stuff. In my opinion, at least...



  1. I like Bedtime for Bear. It's my favorite. Also Chrysanthemum. That book is sooo adorable.

    i think katy perry looks the most different. sooo weeiiirrd

  2. That IS a very Harry Potter-esqe hallway, I must admit.
    Love that picture of Oprah, by the way. That woman is fabulous.

  3. Congrats on getting into Princeton! You have very lovely black hair, and your bowl looks great. LOL

    I love how quirky you are, you put alot of your own energy and personality in these posts!

  4. I think Britney and Leo look the most different! Sooo Harry Potter-ish, I hope you get to fulfill your dreams! And congrats on impersonating an Asian! xo

  5. well, i didn't really recognize britney spears. haha. and taylor lautner will forever be Sharkboy in my eyes. haha.
    Princeton is beautiful. and congrats on achieving straight Asian hair. :D

  6. Happy birthday to your brother!

    For some reason I think Katy Perry looks surprisingly different! But yeah, I wouldn't even have recognized that was Britney Spears. Taylor Lautner and Leo DiCaprio look pretty similar I'd say.

    I like your bowl. :D It's such a pretty design!

    And I wish I had Asian hair that stayed perfectly straight all the time... but alas, mine will never ever in a million years do that. I think your hair looks more brown than black, and it's super duper shiny!

    Holy crap, Princeton looks amazing! It does look completely Harry Potter-tastic. I can definitely see why it would be your dream school!

    Hmmm... I think Goodnight Moon would definitely have to be in my favorites. I liked those If You Feed a Pig a Pancake/Mouse a Cookie/whatever books too.

  7. EESHIE!
    Look! I'm in this little box-thingy! Tell Yhasha I said happy birthday. Why didn't you straighten your hair at the going away party Lemanie threw you?

  8. Tell your brother Happy Birthday from That Blond Guy. He should be receiving an African albino elephant through UPS within 2-3 days (they're considered a delicacy in most parts of the world). But don't tell him that quite yet. Let it be a surprise.

    Those celebrity photos are incredible. They make me feel hopeful about my future. I think the Katy Perry ones are my favourite. I would totally make fun of her every day in high school. You know, call her names like "frog face" and all that. High school stuff.

    That's a huge coincidence about Princeton, because I happen to teach karate at Princeton. And my father owns it.

    That hallway does really look exactly like one from Hogwarts, doesn't it? The one Harry and Ron are walking down in the first movie when they're confronted by Fred and George, who badger Harry about being the youngest seeker in a century.

    Goodnight Moon.

    That picture of Oprah is freaking me out.

  9. aww those celebs look so cute in their old photos!
    to me your hair looks more to... black? since you used flash and yet it still looks pretty dark.
    PRINCETON! Every angle of it looks so lovelyyyyy!
    and that harry potter-like hallway looks simply amazing! but where are the people? lolz.
    i hope you will get in there! ;)

    you have such a cool blog and i think you're funny :p worth following!

  10. Leonardo Di Capreo looks different, but as a kid, he looks like he did in Titanic.

  11. A Brazilian blowout will work wonders for your hair
    My sister got one and she loves it

  12. Lex: Bedtime for just sounds so familiar, and yet I can't remember what it's about. Will you please remind me? :-)

    CHRYSANTHEMUM!! Me and her are homies.

    Yeah, Katy Perry looks like a completely different person here.

    Mischief Managed: Right?? I looked at it and thought, “YES! I'M IN HOGWARTS!”

    Aaron M. Gipson: No, no, I think you misunderstood. I didn't get into Princeton; I WANT to get into Princeton. :-)

    Aw, thank you! *blushing because you called my hair lovely*

    Oh I know, doesn't it? I really think I'm the next Michaelangelo, you know? I'm planning on selling the bowl for ten grand. :P

    Quirky = Eeshie.

    Tegan: Yup! Just call me “Miss Xinxin” (My Asian friend's last name)

    ishashime: SHARKBOY! And oh my goshes, Princeton is absolutely gorgeous! You have no idea!!

    Natalie: He says thank you!

    Lol, thanks. As I told Aaron M. Gipson, I'm thinking on selling it for ten grand. :P

    Right??!?! I want Asian straight hair so bad!

    Princeton IS amazing! I think it's #1 in America's most beautiful campuses. HOLLA.

    I forgot about those cookie books! But they'd definitely make it into my list.

    Amb104: Hehe. “Yasha.” Good times, good times.

    Hehe. “Lemanie.” Good times, good times.

    My God. How many nicknames have we made up? Here's a few: Rica, Eureaka, Sha-a, Lemon-flavored-button-status, Saleens, Saleenie, James K. Polk, Abe, etc...WE ARE FREAKS.

    And do I own a straightner? Yeah, didn't think so Missy.

    Christopher: He loved it! He rides him to school every single day and they've shared all their secrets with each other and they've even begun their “Best Friends” scrapbook. It's actually a beautiful relationship.

    Hopeful? Oh, come on. Are you really that hopeless about your current looks? I've seen your pictures; you're an awesome-looking guy, so shut up. My God, I feel like I'm comforting a twelve-year-old girl...:D

    Really? I teach ninja-manship at Princeton. And my mom built it.

    I know! It's as if the builders of Princeton used Hogwarts as an example or something.

    JoaNNa: It's not lovely. IT'S GORGEOUS! Dang, that's a good question. Now that I think about it, where ARE the people? Well, we went during the summer, so maybe there aren't that many people on campus during that time.


    Amb104: Well, well. Look who's back to comment again. :D He does!! He looks exactly the same!!

    Mandy Thomas: I shall consider it...;D

  13. Aw, your blog is so energetic! I love it! And Princeton is goooooooorgeous, best of luck with getting there because it will be amazing I'm sure!
    I've actually walked down that corridor in Harry Potter...the one that looks like that. It's one of the colleges of Oxford Uni, I can't remember which. The tree under which Malfoy got turned into a ferret is there too. That is UNCANNILY similar though. And oh my lord, your hair is so beautiful and shiny!
    Great post!

    Emma x

  14. Energetic is my middle name! Actually, it's Winifred. Just kidding. Thank goodness...

    That's so cool! WE MUST BE SOULMATES!!

    Aw, shucks..Naw, only when you straighten it. :)

  15. Oh believe me, not all chinese have straight hair!
    I have the frizziest hair in the ENTIRE world, and I have to straigten it at least once a year or go around looking like my head's about to explode!!

    Sigh.... i know how it feels so wanna have managable hair!!!

    and now I wanna go to princeton too! ;P

  16. oh well di caprio when he was a child looked like to have a british origin and not german or russian

    best wishes leo


  17. ShuShu: Really?! You'd be the first I've met then. My Chinese friends would ALWAYS tell me that all Chinese people have straight hair, so I thought it was true...*sheepish look*


    Anonymous: Mm-hmm...Interesting...

  18. Luvved the celebs. Taylor Swift is so different!! She eas SO cute as a kid. Well, I luv ur blog, and I would say that your hair is a dark brownish color. Pretty!!
    Check out my blog!!


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