Who the hell are you, and what are you doing to my pet goldfish?!
     Why hello there! I'm Eeshie, and I am stroking your pet goldfish.

Why are you so weird?
      I dunno. Genetics, maybe? I like being weird, and that's what matters.

Can we meet in real life?
     Hell no, stalker!

Why do you hate football?
   Cause it's stupid! S-T-U-P-I-D. You don't even kick the ball or anything. Why is it called football?! This is an outrage!

Do you dance?
    Shut up.

What's your favorite book/movie/TV show?
     Book: Can't pick just one.
     Movie: Can't pick just one.
     TV Show: ... Can't pick just -- I don't even watch TV!
  *Note: If you really want to know, look on my profile.
What's your real name?
     Okay, look. I know you mean well and all, but no.

Do you remember, do you remember, do you remember...all the times we had
Do you remember, do you remember, do you remember...all the times we had
Let's bring it back (Bring it back!)
Let's bring it back (Bring it back!)
Ohhh...Let's bring it back!
      ...Um. Was that even a question? But I have to say: YOU ROCK, JAY SEAN! YOU FREAKING ROCK!

Do you like to bake?
     Not really.

Do you like to jog?
     Not really.

Why do you like blogging?
     I guess I like blogging because it gives me something to do. And, it gives you the joy of seeing someone's reaction to what you have to say. I love feedback ;)
     And, of course, you make lots of friends.


If I were to give you $100 right now, what would you do with it?
     Save it for college. I want to go to Princeton, and I will save every penny if I have to!

Does your mom make good noodles?
     Yes, in fact, she does.

Are noodles your favorite food?
     They're one of my many favorite foods.

What are some of your favorite websites?
     Well BLOGGER.COM of course *sweet smile*.
     Then there's something called that's equally cool (more for the artists out there)
How old are you?
     Okay look. Whenever someone asks me this question, the answer I give them is not satisfactory to them. I'm either:
        a) Too old for them, or
        b) Too young for them
       I'm never the right age. I know, and you know, that there is no such thing as a right age. There will never be a such thing as a right age, just like there won't be a right gender, or a right name. But to the people who ask this question, I guess there is.
      So please. Don't judge me, or anyone else, on age. Age is just a number. Judge me on the way I write, or reveal myself to you guys.

Let's say that I wanted to contact your awesomenes. Would you like that?
       Sure! I love talking with ya'll. Talk to me anytime you want.

What is your preferred method of communication?
       Either leave a comment, or send me an email at As I said, I love talking with you guys. You're all very entertaining.

Anything else you'd like to say to end this page of "Frequently Asked Questions"?
       I love you.