Friday, December 24, 2010


Secret Santa, I must say, went fairly well. Actually, it went extremely well. In fact, it went GREAT.
  Ya-huh. It went GREAT.
  Yesterday, which was the last day of school before Winter Break over in NYC, was quite eventful. The day started off with a math test. Inequalities and absolute value and whatnot. I think I did good on it...
   And after we were done with the math test, it was time for Secret Santa. Time for everyone to be revealed...
   The people in charge of Secret Santa put two desks in the front of the room and asked everyone to start bringing up their Secret Santa gifts to the front. I complied quickly, as I was excited to see who had me.
   Now, if you read one of my previous posts titled, "Secret Santa Traumas," you would know that I got stuck with a boy I hardly knew named Marcus. And since I did not know what to get him (and I was too lazy to shop for him), my friend went out and bought a shirt from Aeropostale to give to me to give to Marcus.
   She had a boy for Secret Santa as well, named Jason. So while she was at Aeropostale, she decided to buy him the same shirt, almost as a joke. Marcus and Jason were getting the same present.
    My friend and I planned to give the boys their gifts at the same time, so they would open it at the same time, and see that they had the same present. We were itching to see their reactions.
    But the way Secret Santa was being done was different. The person in charge was basically calling your name down from a list. And I got called before my friend.
    "Eeshie! Time to give your present."
    I didn't have a choice. I had to give it to him. So I slowly walked to the front, grabbed my present, and put it on Marcus' desk.
    Random: I wrapped it so well, I am very proud of myself. Here is what it looked like:

Hot, right? And while I'm showing pictures, here's what the shirt looked like (pretty awesome shirt if you ask me):

Nice, right? Kay, back to my story.
  My awesomly-wrapped gift was now on Marcus' desk. He was about to open it...
  I turned around and saw my friend in mid-scream.
    "Don't open it! Hold on for like, two minutes!"
    Of course, he didn't comply. He opened it right away. He saw the shirt and liked it. He thanked me.
    Then when my friend gave her present to Jason, it was in an Aeropostale bag. Jason looked at Marcus and said, "Oh, no. It's the same thing, isn't it?"
     We just stand there, grinning. Now some of our other friends are crowding around us, waiting for him to open it.
     He peers inside the bag and actually says, "Oh, my God."
     We burst out laughing, slapping our knees and all. Marcus and Jason start saying stuff like, "Oh, we can't wear it on the same day!" and "Wow, it's the same shirt..." and "Ew, I'm not wearing it when he's wearing it!" And all this other stuff.
      But they both LOVED the shirt. We asked them individually, and they both said they liked it. And, in the end, they ended up wearing it for the rest of they day, receiving many compliments and "ooh"'s and "ah"'s, and "Oh, they're matching!" and "Oh, they look so cute!"
      All in a day's work.
      And what did I get, you ask? Who turned out to be my Secret Santa? WELL. I got a great gift. My Secret Santa turned out to be a friend of a friend. We didn't really know each other well, but she's really nice. She told me, "I don't know you that well, so I didn't know what you want. But I hope you like it," before handing me my present in a Victoria's Secret bag. She told me that my present wasn't really from Victoria's Secret; she had just needed a bag. But as I moved away the tissue paper, I expected to see a really lacy bra sitting in there.
      Thank God it wasn't a lacy bra. It was a bag from Aeropostale! And it was really cute! I really liked it.
      So. The day went well. Most of us were happy with our gifts. It was a good day.


  1. oohhh i wanna seee what you got from aeropostalll!annddd omg i cant believe u and your friend would buy them the same gift! thts hilarious!

  2. It wasn't my idea to get them the same gift, it was my friend's. She's a genius, ain't she?


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