Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebrities: Then and Now

No one really thinks about what Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert looked like when they were in their awkward teen years. We assume that he always wore the goth, sparkly accessories, and Lady Gaga always wore dresses made out of her own hair.

Not quite.

Here is a collection of what some of our favorite celebrities looked like before they were famous, during their awkward teen years.

Adam Lambert Then

Adam Lambert Now
Harrison Ford Then

Harrison Ford Now

Lady Gaga Then

Lady Gaga Now

Ryan Seacrest Then

Ryan Seacrest Now

And here's a bonus photo:

Taylor Swift at Age 4!

Taylor Swift Now:

Hope you enjoyed this look at celebrities' pasts. I know I did. Who do you suppose changed the most from their childood?


  1. Wow--this was so cool it was a little disturbing.

  2. Haha everything u say is so funny and true. I have to agree with u on that :D

  3. Adam Lambert is HOT. DAMN, GIRL. And he was a ginger in his youth, so that's a plus... but he's gay :\

  4. Ginger? He looks more blonde to me....but I guess we could both be right - it's a black and white picture. :/

  5. Gaga.... what did you do to yourself :(


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