Friday, March 11, 2011

You Know You Want Some Of This...

Holy crap! It's ME! It's ME! It's really, really ME! I sexy-fied myself!!

And by "sexy-fied," I mean I made it black and white-ish. This picture was taken afterschool on a cold but sunny January afternoon (Don't you hate those days? Sunny, but super freezing cold?). I'm in my ugly, navy blue uniform, but I have a bright red full-sleeve shirt underneath to give my outfit some


Unfortunately, my hair looks whack in this picture. Whack, I tell you. Especially my sidebangs. Where's the silkiness of my bangs that's present in reality? It's NOT THERE. Plus, my hands look...weird. I don't know, they just do.

Anyway. Don't I look hot? I think I look hot.

Hello, my little bloglings! Somehow, my last post got a whopping 26 comments. WHOA. That's like, a lot. Well, for me at least. I'm pretty happy about it.

I'm really mad. We took a huge science test yesterday and today, over 150 questions. I seriously think I failed it. WAH!

Which is saying a lot, because I never fail in science. WAH!

I'm sad. WAH!

Anyway. My first poll closed some weeks ago, and these were the results:

 Which of these Subjects Make Your Heart Tingle?

English                        8 (42%)    
Yay! 42%! English class is awesome, and I know you writers out there would agree with me.

Math                           1 (5%)       
Meh. Not sure I would call Math class "awesome." I think Id' call it sticky. I don't like sticky things, and I don't like math. Makes perfect sense.

Science                        8 (42%)   
Now science. Science is awesome.

Engineering                0 (0%)     
Hmm. Guess no one likes engineering out there, huh?

Fine Arts                    6 (31%)     
I like Fine Arts. That's like painting and stuff, right? Yeah...

Performing Arts        6 (31%)    
I just knew that Fine Arts and Performing Arts were going to get the same number of votes. And look at that! I was right.

History                       2 (10%)      
History's cool with me. It really depends on the teacher, and what time period/place we're studying.

Other                          7 (36%)       
Dang. "Other" got seven votes. Maybe I should have  included more choices...? What did you guys mean by "Other"?

I've decided that I will be taking the train to that really hard-to-get-into-and-special school I was talking about a couple posts ago. It takes two hours to get there from where I live, but subway's the only way I can get there. Of course, there is the private bus. But it costs a freaking $2,200 or more for the whole year. Ew. Plus, it just sounds too nerdy. Can't you just imagine the conversation?

Guy smoking a cigarette: Yo...the 6 Train took forever to get to my stop...

Me: Oh, really? That's too bad.

Guy: I don't get how you get to school so on time and all that everyday...

Me: Well, I take the private bus!

Guy: *Looks at me in disapproval* Dude.

Me: At least now I won't get jumped! *Snort, laugh, snort*

My goal is to never let this conversation happen.

 The thing is, you should never look like you're scared of getting raped or something while traveling in New York City. That immediately lets people know that:

a) You're freaking scared.
b) You are one hell of an easy target
c) It would be so easy to jump you
d) You are inexperienced
e) You're freaking scared.

I'm just saying, don't go around with this face:

My point is that train will not be so bad (By the way, if you haven't realized yet, New Yorkers call the subway “train.” We don't call it “subway.). As long as I'm careful, I think I'll be fine.

And now, to end this pretty much pointless post with a flourish, a little something I found on the web that immediately reminded me of Christopher.


Where were you born?


  1. HELLO.

    Actually, I kind of love those freezing cold snowy days with crystal clear blue skies. They're so pretty!

    Hopefully your test didn't go as bad as you thought it did... I hate that terrible sinking feeling of getting a lousy grade though. ):

    English and science are my favorite subjects! At least when that science is biology and not physics. I hate physics.

    I think I'd be doomed in NYC after five seconds because I kind of naturally have that terrified, innocent, easy-target look about me. Good thing I've lived in a small suburban town (population of less than 4000) where the chances of rape are just about as likely as the chances of seeing Johnny Depp.

  2. I was born in upstate New York, but I grew up in South Florida. And I have to say, that this blog is one of the coolest windows into an author's personality that I have encountered in a long while.

    I also really appreciate your appreciation of "nice guys". It's a long hard road...

    I can't help but to follow from here on out your writing style is intoxicating!

  3. Thanks for the tips, I'm going to NY again tomorrow!!!
    Love this post!! And English class!! :D

  4. 26 comments?! No fair. But that really was a nice article. Thanks for posting it.

    This post was pretty hilarious. Definitely true about walking around in New York. I think it applies to other big cities too: Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Atlantis, Narnia...

    Cool picture. Something's missing, though. Maybe it's your face, but I can't be sure.


  5. Aw, this was great. Love the photo. Such an original.

  6. Love the update. Hope your weekend will be good.

  7. Such an interesting post. It made me smile and I could relate.

  8. P.S. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahome, (in a submarine.)

  9. Ahhh that test sounds so hard :/ sure you did fine though :D the fish at the bottom on this screen amuse me by the way

  10. Natalie: Eh. I'm not that fond of those days. :\
    :O I hate physics, too! SERIOUSLY. Who really cares why a ball rolls down a hill? I asked my science teacher this same question once, and he said, "It's not WHY the ball rolls down the's HOW."

    My point is made.

    Haha! I liked your rape-Depp analogy. Funny stuff.

    Aaron M. Gipson: AWWWWWWW!! That was the darndest sweetest comment I have EVAH received.

    ...:D Omigosh, I can't stop blushing in the "Aw, shucks" way! YOU, my good friend, have officially just made me day. Actually, scratch that. You've just made my week.

    P.S. I was born in Arizona. Pretty random, ain't it?

    Jen in The Purple Pants: Wow, I just thought of how hilarious it'd be if we happened to pass each other while walking the streets and didn't even know that the other was really our blog-friend. Strange...

    Christopher: It is TOO fair! And yes, it definitely, DEFINITELY applies to Naria. You nevvvver know what's lurking behind those bushes...

    And no, my legs are what's missing.


    ivy's closet: Lol, thanks!

    ellie's desk: Whaddya know? IT WAS GOOD!!

    better days: Smiling is good. I'm psyched that I could make you smile.

    Christopher: :O WERE YOU REALLY?!? Don't lie to me, Christopher. Do. Not. Lie to me.

    If you are telling the truth, then GEE WHIZ! That's cool! And...random! Well, I mean, I was born in Arizona. Can't get more random than that. Unless you wanna go for Wisconsin. Now, that's a whole other story....

    Caroline Ergy Erg: *Sigh* It was, indeed, very difficult. And they amuse me, too!


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