Sunday, November 7, 2010

Um...that's embarrassing....

Yo wuddup fool?
   Sorry. My friend's been in a gangster mood lately, and I guess she's catching on to me. :D
   Anyway, I just wanted to share something that happened in school a couple weeks ago. But it was just too funny. Here it goes:
(Oh and before I start, let me just say that all the names here are fake)
   It was a normal day in English class. My teacher, Ms. Reynolds, was going over some worksheet on making predictions or whatever. She calls on me to read a paragraph out loud to the class, so I'm just sitting there happily reading, when BOOM.
   Our dean, Mr. Sherman, comes into the classroom with this really urban, really sophisticated, really chic young-looking African-American lady decked out in fancy clothes with a huge coat and huge clacking heels and walks right up to Ricky, the number one troublemaker in our class.
    And she says (screams) this:
    “Are you cursing at her? (points at Reynolds) You better not be cursing at her! You better not be cursing at anybody! I left my job for this! Ricky, you've been getting in trouble, locking her out of her own room, disrupting the whole class, bothering everybody! If you EVER do anything to Ms. Reynolds, then I will come at you so fast and get down so deep in your throat. Boy, I would kill you right now, but Mr. Sherman said not to. I can't believe I left my job for this! LOOK AT ME WHILE I'M TALKING TO YOU!”
   And this whole time, Ricky keeps feebly murmuring, “I didn't curse!” “I didn't do that!” Very, very softly.
   His mom keeps going and going, and at the end, she says, “Are we understood? Good.”
   She starts walking towards the door and we all hear her clackety-clacking heels going off. “You have a nice day, Ms. Reynolds!” She says, her voice still annoyed from talking with Ricky. “I'm going back to work!”
   While that was happening, I guessed that was a lifelong friend of Ms. Reynolds who had come to her rescue after hearing the terrible stories of what a misfit of a student was doing to her. But apparently I was wrong. It was definitely Ricky's mom. Definitely.
    So wasn't that FUNNY??? Idk, it was to me, because this kid is really mean.
    Yeah, so later. :D


  1. Ha! Ha, ha, ha! I could totally picture Ricky cowering in his seat and shrinking lower and lower in his chair as his mom screams at him. HA!!!!!

    hehe we're evil :P


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