Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Man, I love this font...

   I really should be doing my homework right now...especially since my social studies teacher almost gave me an 85% (even though EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY TEACHERS EXCEPT HIM is trying to put me in an advanced class. But yeah whatever.)
   Dang, I was such a jerk to him. I marched to his classroom after school yesterday and demanded why I got an 85% and said I deserved at LEAST a 95% (because it's going to look terrible on my high school application) and showed him my notebook and the notes I've been taking in his class and was like, "There, dum*ss, ya happy?"
    *Note: I did not actually say this. Or did I?
    So then he was very happy with what he saw and raised my grade to a 95%. Yeah. I can be effective.

     Yeah. So.
     Here's a random part of my day that I feel like sharing:
     My brother and I were sitting at the dining table, arguing about something extremely petty and unimportant. My parents were trying to sleep on the couch. But they couldn't, because we were being loud and annoying.
     "Can you two argue quieter?!?" My mom asked.
     My brother and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Okay, sure...?
     Hm. I wonder if my mother will ever look at this blog. Hmm...Now I'm seriously reconsidering editing my blog....hmm...
     Nah forget it.
     I'm really just ranting on and on right now. See it? I have nothing to say. But here I am.
     Oooh! I have a really good question that I can't figure out the answer to.
     Is it more important to have a job that you love and enjoy doing, or doing something noble that will make you successful in life and have people looking up to you?
     Think carefully. Most people are going to get all sappy and say, "Well of course you should do something you love."
     No. Not that simple.
     Here's why:
     I want to be a writer. I enjoy writing. BUT, how much money do you think a writer gets? Not everyone is J.K. Rowling, right? So unless you're writing about wizards or vampires, you are most likely not going to be selling that much. Which means not that much money.
     Which brings me to my next point. Doing something noble that will make you successful in like, and have people looking up to you.
      Everyone wants me to be a doctor. My best subject is science (100%), you get a ton of money, and even if you do not make much money (which I find hard to believe), it's a very, very noble job. Doctors save lives. How much more noble can ya get? And picture this: You're at a really elite cocktail party with men and women dressed up in suits and evening gowns with everyone carrying around a wine glass.
      "So what do you do for a living?" someone asks you.
      "Oh, I'm a doctor," you reply smoothly. 
      It sounds so professional and rich and smart. 
      So what do you guys think is more important? Having a job that you love and enjoy doing, or doing something noble that will make you successful in life and have people looking up to you?
       Leave your thoughts as comments, because I could use the help of others. :D


  1. Today your getting a serious answer from me. lol not used to that!
    I personally think you should have a job you love! If you don't like your job then your not going to actually want to DO your job.

  2. Yeah I know. One of my friends who is in college said the same thing. And this is like her fifth year in college, so I guess she knows what she's doing, right? Random: I miss you guys.

  3. Just a note. There are only four years of college maximum. So she can't be in her fifth year of college unless she's a graduate student - which is called being a graduate student and not in your "fifth" year of college. So yeah. Just being my regular old nit-picky self.

    And FYI (here's even more carping from me - look that word up if you don't know what it means, it's an SAT word) you are NEVER going to be a dinner party where there's wine and everyone's dressed fancily. You know why? Because I simply can't imagine you being in a place like that. It's just not you.

    Anyway, to answer your question now, finally (I need to insult at least one person per day to remain sane - today was your day) I'm gonna be sappy and say that you should choose a career that you love, but that also is realistic. Like, for example, if you want to be an astronaut but you don't want to go through all that physical hardship or you're terrified of being in space without gravity, well, then you can't really be an astronaut, can you? So you gotta think realistically, but at the same time choose sometime you like.

    Trust me on this, I'm going through the same exact series of questions right now. At least you're only in eighth grade - you have time to decide. I'm a junior in high school! Hello, not much time there. But for the time being, I'm thinking of being a part-time doctor and a part-time freelance journalist/creative writer. So yeah. I'm trying to fit both my completely opposite interests in my life while at the same time being realistic - because in this economy, there's no way I can survive on the average journalist's salary!

  4. Just got to mention to the comment above is possible to be in your fifth year of college many many people do it, when they havn't completed all the classes required for their bachelors degree in their specific major. It is very possible to be in your fifth year i know quite a few people who did that.

  5. HA, MISTICALNIA! HA! My homie Anonymous over here just proved you wrong! Ohhhhhhhh!!

    Lol jk I love both of youse.

    But still. I was right. So HaHaHa!


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