Friday, November 12, 2010

Interior Decorating...My Latest Obsession

Hey there.
  Okie. I am never not obsessed with something. Maybe I'll be obsessed with a certain type of shampoo for a week, or obsessed with writing stories for a month, or maybe even obsessed with eating jelly beans for ten minutes. Whatever the time, I am almost always obsessed with something.
  And right now? You guessed it: Interior Decorating.
  Don't judge me for actually getting the following pictures from House Beautiful (Yes, I was on their website). But these houses are really, really cool.

Pretty in Pink

Take this one for instance. It's a pink dining room. Like, how awesome can something get? Need I go on?

A Ray of Sunshine                    

This living room is awfully cute as well. But it's a little too...I don't know. Yellow. Too yellow. Am I being blind here? Tell me if this is a good room, and I'll look it over again.

Happy Colors

I like this one. It's relaxing.

A Refreshing Bathroom

Okay, yeah, I realize I put a picture of a bathroom on my blog. But it's a pretty bathroom.

Bright Orange

Ho ho there! WOW. This is room. Yeah it looks nice in the picture, but imagine living in it? Uh-uh. I don't do orange rooms.

Energizing Red

...Are they doing this on purpose to me?

Pale Pink Living Room

Much better. 

Chic Green Living Room

Oh I know who'd like this. My friend, Misticalnia, who is one of the followers of this blog, would LOVE this room. Her room is light green already, so this is even better. I bet that if she's reading this, she even agrees with me. Right, Misticanlia?

Plum Perfect

Oooh! I love this one! My favorite clothing color is probably purple--but it changes all the time. That's why this dining room has so much appeal to me. 

A Bright Kitchen

Ugh. The yellow-ness is sickening. Ugh. 

 Pink, Pink, and More Pink


The headboard to this bed looks like the tiles of school bathrooms. I mean, I don't know about you, but I personally wouldn't want to wake up every morning to the tiles of school bathrooms. But other than that, this room is pretty awesome.

And there ya have it. The extent of my latest obsession of Interior Decorating. Which one is your favorite? (Mine is Plum Perfect) Leave a comment on which one you like the most. If I happen to be on the computer, we can have an engaging discussion of interior decorating. Bring some food and I'll stay for dinner.


  1. at the moment my new obsession is flavored teas. like yesterday i had raspberry tea and mint tea and now i just hhad blackberry tea. YUM

  2. I KNEW I wasn't the only one with obsessions. (You and my brother are going through the same obsession right now btw)

  3. uhmmm i find tht a little creepy.... lmao

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I LOVE the green bedroom! It's totally chic!!! LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT!!!

    Like Timon says in the ending of the first Lion King movie, "Love. Not like."

    YEAH!!!! Green all the way.

  5. Seeeeee?????
    I know you so well *evil smirk*


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