Thursday, November 4, 2010


  So I always thought that when people said New York City kids are rude and obnoxious and all gangster, I totally thought this was an exaggeration. But GUESS WHAT?
  They are absolutely, 100% telling the truth.
  I'm a suburban girl, okay? I come from houses and front yards and town pools and Caucasian people around me. But recently, my family decided to move to NYC. Why NYC? I have no freaking idea.
  But anyway, these kids are seriously rude. I feel BAD for my math teacher. Okay, okay, here's an example.
  My math teacher's name is Ms. Paper. (I changed the name since I don't have her permission to put it on my blog. But whatever) Anyway, people are always yelling and cursing at Ms. Paper. Right in front of her face. Loudly. And what does she do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't why she doesn't speak up. She's the teacher after all -- she has the power to give them all detention. She has to let them know that.
  But anyway, this really snobby girl Doreen (No, her name is not really Doreen. I don't have the permission to use her real name) always talks in class. And she always rudely interrupts Ms. Paper's lessons to shout, "Can I got to the bathroom?!?!"
  And Ms. Paper always answers, "No, you haven't been raising your hand and waiting for me to answer. You have nothing on your page either."
  Doreen is a really big snob, so she goes up to Ms. Paper and starts yelling. She's saying all this crap like, "Why can't I go to the bathroom? You keep telling me to raise my hand and I've been raising my hand for half an hour and you don't give a damn that I've been raising my hand! What's the matter with you? Are you blind? Can't you see me raising my hand? I gotta go pee, and you won't let me go! What am I supposed to do, pee my pants?!? What kind of stupid teacher doesn't let you go pee?"
   Ms. Paper looks as if she's going to cry, but she manages to say firmly, "Doreen, take a seat."
   On the way back to her seat, Doreen says a parade of insults to Ms. Paper, like, "What the hell, I've been raising my damn hand for a damn thirty minutes and that b*tch won't let me go." She throws her notebook into her bag. "I don't need to know no shit. And if I do, I don't wanna learn it from this dumb*ss."
   Everyone was kind of quiet after that outburst, because well, it was KIND OF RUDE. That girl definitely needs to learn some manners.
   Poor Ms. Paper! I really want to say something to her, say something to make her day after all this crap from her students. Don't these students know not to direspect a teacher? Is it just a suburbs thing to respect people, or is it a city thing too? I mean, I haven't been living in the city for that long, but it's been hard to find some respectful, decent people. But I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
    What do you guys think?


  1. Stereotypes come from somewhere, don't they? People can't just make up random things on their own (we're really not that smart). And just like that, the stereotypical NYC public school is that kids are rude, don't care about anything but themselves, and only about 1% of them will ever make something good of themselves in life. That is the unfortunate truth, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    But anyway, I should like to tell this Doreen (why Doreen? Why not Dara or Dana or Dorothy?) exactly what I think of her, as well as comfort poor Ms. Paper (what's with your names, anyway? I mean, the least you could've done was make her Ms. Math or whatever if you're gonna be corny). But that's beside the point. I seriously want to punch this girl in the face for being so obviously and flagrantly rude. Or at least teach her some sort of lesson the hard way.

  2. Oh I KNOW! Doreen (I don't even know. Now I like Dorothy better) is SO RUDE!!!!!!!!
    And I named her Ms. Paper because it's similar to her real name. I'll tell you her real name thru email--not here. :D

  3. Wow. If that happened here in your old school some SERIOUS sh*t would go down. Forget detention! If someone did that here it would go to suspension! Or even expellsion! oohh and you tell this "Doreen" that i WILL throw bowling balls at her. At any moment i could just crash through the wall swinging from a web and just throw a bowling ball at her. she better watch out. kk byee eeshiieee :D
    ps- PR misses u :(

    BESTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay okay i calmed down.
    Ya I know. Doreen's SO MEAN!!!! And yes, she better watch out because spidey/mermaid/ninja Salena just may come swinging down from a web...:D
    I miss you guys too :(


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