Monday, November 15, 2010

Creepy People

So I was home alone for some time, but my brother just got home from school five minutes ago so I feel much better. Why, you ask? Oh, I'll tell you why.
     Imagine me, sitting at the computer, typing away on whatever I was doing ten minutes ago. Then, the really stupid, startlingly loud doorbell of my new apartment that I am still not used to starts blaring away. I freeze, considering my choices of what to do right now.
     I could:
        a) Not answer the door and pretend that no one is home (since this is New York City, this probably is the best choice)

   or  b) Be an idiot and answer the door.

   Well, I'm an idiot, so I answered the door.
   I pressed the TALK button. "Hello?" I asked awkwardly. Then I pressed LISTEN.
   "Whe nee' tu sigh thi papar! Whe nee' tu sigh thi papar!" A man with an accent that I couldn't understand yelled.
   What the hell?
   The man continued, "This is for the ***** family (the *'s just mean that I don't want to share my last name online)! Someone of the ***** family needs to come and sign this!"
    Because of his accent, I couldn't even tell that he was saying my family name. The way he said it made it sound totally different. Pressing  TALK once again, I said, "The ***** family isn't here. This isn't the ***** family."
    I pressed LISTEN.
    "Someone from the ***** family needs to come and sign this! Someone from the ***** family needs to come and sign this!"
    Dude, I'm not part of the ***** family! I thought. Annoyed, I pressed TALK again. "This. Is. Not. The. *****. Family. Sorry."
    And then I went back to the computer. Ten seconds later, the annoying doorbell rang again.
    "Hello?" I demanded rather than asked when I pressed TALK again. I pressed LISTEN.
    "Come down and sign this!"
    Oh. My. God.
     "I'm sorry, but this is NOT the ***** family." I punched LISTEN, daring him to say more. 
     He was quiet.
     "Okay," he finally said.
     Thank you!
     I happily go back to my work, when five minutes later my brother comes home carrying an orange paper.
     "What's that?" I asked.
     "One of our parents has to sign this. Some Asian man says that he kept ringing the doorbell and that the person who answered said that it wasn't the ****** family."
     I blushed. "Well he said our name like this." I said it the way he said it.
    I followed him to his room, trying to defend my position. "He wanted me to come out and sign it! I'm a kid!"
    "He wanted me to sign it, too. I told him that I'm their son."
    "Oh. Wow."
    I shrugged it off and then went to the computer again, and now I have finished sharing that weird moment. So. Ugh. That was strange. Ugh.


  1. hahaha ur life is much more interesting living there! ok now read me emaillll! im like dying.

  2. it's not THAT interesting...i mean kind of...:D


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