Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY 2011

It's a new year, a new number, a new beginning, a fresh start. How do you plan on making 2011 the best year possible?
  Here are my 2011 stats:

What were you doing as the clock struck twelve?
     Hugging Misticalnia :D

What are some of your New Year Resolutions?
     1) To not completely hate the place I live
     2) Become a better student
     3) Be a better person (this one's a longshot)
     4) Get smarter :D
     5) Spend less money

What are your goals for this blog in 2011?
      Um...I don't know. I guess get more followers or somethin'. That's really it...
The first person you hugged in 2011: Misticalnia

The first thing you ate in 2011: It's called paratha, and it's so good, and it looks like this:

The first words you read in 2011: Does words on the TV screen count? If not...then my Spanish homework


The first picture you took in 2011: A picture of Misticalnia wearing a funny hat. God, my world revolves around that girl! Seriously, half my answers here include her! What gives???

The first thing you said in 2011: Um...probably "WHOO!" or "Nooo!" or "Haha!"

The first person you slapped in 2011: No one. But it will probably be one of my friends or my brother. Just you wait...

Were you sitting down/standing up/other unspecified action when the clock struck twelve?
      Sitting down. Duh...

What was the first famous person's name that you said out loud in 2011?
      Either Amanda Bynes or Mariah Carey.

How many people were in the same room as you when the clock struck twelve?

What were you wearing as the clock struck twelve?
      Something pretty awesome...;D

Who was the first person you playfully teased in 2011?
      *Sigh* Misticalnia. Of course. ;D

Those are my 2011 Stats. Share some of yours!


  1. i have another resolution for you....
    6) Fix my e-mail so my best friend salenie can e-mail me all her complaints -______-

  2. But I don't want to delete all my old emails :(

  3. cool! i found this blog through Sarah Dessen's! I somehow found your Harry Potter Fun-ness post, so hilarious!

    <3 Gabrielle

    Check out my joint blog?

  4. Aw thanks! It really means a lot. Ha ha, my comment on Sarah Dessen's blog was so strange and awkward. Hehe, just like me :D
    Of course I'll look at your blog!! :))

  5. Sounds like a great time was had. Great resolutions too. Survive a new year. :)

    No resolutions for me, just goals to reach within this year. Have a great week.

  6. Ha ha, survive a new year as well...;)
    No resolutions? Oh, come now. I'm sure some of your goals could turn into resolutions. Let's hear a few.



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