Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moon Sand and Kirby and Cute Jewelry

We've all been there...

Those evil infomercials with the ever-tempting products like Floam, Moonsand, Aqua-Dots, and all those other stupid toys. 

Two or three years ago, I fell for their trap. 

Yes, I bought one of those idiotic products. I, the money-saving Scrooge.

Here is what I bought:

Ugh, I'm more disgusted than you are.

It was a total waste of money. The first time I played with it, I was ecstatic. It was the most fun toy in the world. How could something like sand stick together so nicely? It was a miracle.

My first day, I made this:

You know that I was happy with it because actually took a picture.

But the second time I played with it? Still great, but not as thrilling as the first time. Third time I played with it? It's fine. Nothing too get worked up about. Fourth time I played with it? Been there, done that. And the fifth time I played with it?

There was no fifth time.

I have no idea where my Moon Sand is right now. For all I know, an alien came down and ate it. Or Taylor Lautner broke into my house and stole it (You can keep it as long as you want, Taylor!) Or maybe my pet zebra who currently resides on the beaches of Africa came to America after sneaking onto a cruise ship, barged into a New York City taxi, drove recklessly through Manhattan, had a few drinks here and there, and then finally made it to my house and stole my Moon Sand .

I am almost positive that it is the last one.

Anyways, I have recently found out that the world is a lie. A LIE.

Do we know Kirby? That cute little pink ball of awesome power and strength?

I went my whole life thinking that the above image is what Kirby looks like.

I was wrong.

I recently found at the local supermarket that Kirby, in fact, actually looks like this:

The world is a lie!

I also found something else of interest on my recent trip to the supermarket. I found a bag of chips.

No really. It's a bag of chips.

And to end this post, a little something for my girl followers...



  1. There will only ever be on true Kirby that was not cut up, dyed green, and sold for a measly $1.29 a pound!

    Looks like you had a decent time though, lol.

  2. Once I got Floam... it did not go down well.


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