Friday, January 7, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!


I just got back home from this live taping of some singing show, American Idol style. It wasn't American Idol, of course. If it were, I would've been talking about it for weeks. No, it was just some smaller TV show, where they basically do the same thing as American Idol.

Now, I had never ever heard of this show before. But my dad knows a guy, and this guy is very well-known in our town and very popular. He got free V.I.P. tix to see the finale of this show, which would be broadcasted LIVE near our house.

Of course we went.

I have to say, I wore something pretty hot. And I wore my really cute coat. I could have made more of an effort with my hair, but it was good enough for me (at the moment).

Not fixing my hair to the utmost perfection was not a good idea. Guys, next time I go somewhere that's being taped live, please please please remind me that lots of pictures are taken right when you are unaware of the camera. It doesn't matter if you're adjusting your underwear or chomping obnoxiously on your gum (the second one for me). The press does not care. They. Are. Meaners.

We got awesome seats (second row, center stage!) but there was a bad side to it. Right in front of us were famous people. They were oldish men and women, so I had no idea who the heck they were. But every few seconds, paparazzi would come running up, snap a few pictures, and then run away.

So if you see my nose or arm or mouth in the background of pictures of smiling celebrites, then YOU HAVE FOUND ME!

Ha ha. I think paparazzi thought we were with those celebrities (which we obviously weren't). Why do I think this? After snapping pics of the real celebrities, they started taking a bunch of pictures of my brother and me (we were sitting next to each other). My brother and I exchanged raised eyebrows, shrugged, and then smiled widely for the camera.

Ha. Good times...

I enjoyed watching the host fumble with words, look at the lines he had written on his hand, and then testing his microphone out one too many times. I dubbed him Ryan Seacrest. It was so cheesy when it came to commercials though. He would say, "Don't leave! We'll be right back!" He and his co-host (a pretty girl, duh, with like one line) would smile brightly at the camera until we were off the air. As soon as we were off the air, it became hectic.

Overexcited people all got up, racing around to take pictures of everything (since we weren't allowed to take pictures during the performance). The hosts were practicing their lines. The stage crew and band were setting up/taking away equipment. And the performers were changing their clothes backstage, of course.

When it came to be a minute until they were on the air again, the host would ask the crew to countdown from 10 seconds. They'd ask us (the audience) to start clapping really loudly and enthusiastically as soon as he said, "And we're back!"

The first time this came around, the host said, "And we're back!" and not a sound came from anyone. He kept going. Then, I guess my mom remembered the instructions, so she started clapping like crazy. I laughed and joined her. Then my brother and my dad, and pretty soon, the whole audience erupted in applause. The host grinned and joked, "I love you guys."

Overall, I had a pretty good time. The only thing I did not like was the results. The most conceited guy won FIRST PLACE. He got one of those giant checks you see on TV. I was jealous. The people I wanted to win got second and third. They received checks too, but it was less money.


Ah, well.

Yeah. So. Have any of youse been to a live taping of anything? Or attended any show? Leave a comment if you have!

Bye...("Don't leave! We'll be right back!")

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