Friday, January 14, 2011

Evil Little Nerds...

I love nerds and all, but I was so angry at them today!

The story:

There are three honors classes in my entire grade, all of us from different houses. We shall call these houses Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. I'm in Gryffindor!

Anyway, there's a FREE program offered to our school that lets students go to a nearby, "smart" college during February Break and lets you take real college classes. In college. Yes, there are AP classes and all, but for this, you get to go to college, be taught by real professors, get to sit in those auditoriums while a professor gives a lecture, and the classes sound really cool. There's classes like Environmental Disasters, Greek Mythology, Criminology, and a lot of other classes.

But the very tragic catch is that only 40 students will be able to go. Out of the 100 students that want to. And that's not even counting the non-Honors classes (They gave the Honors class the first oppurtunity)

Yesterday, we were given a presentation on this program, and were given the paperwork needed to be in the program (permission slips, basically). The first 40 to return their paperwork to HufflePuff's dean, Mr. Grecko, would be in the program.

Nothing was said aloud, but we all knew that we were now in a mad race to get to Mr. Grecko first.

At home, I filled out the paperwork quickly and made plans to go to school early the next day.

Well, things backfired, and I ended up going later than I thought I would be this morning. As I was walking to my homeroom class, some of my classmates were telling me, "There's already 33 people signed up."

And I threw my backpack and my jacket on the ground of my classroom and took off full speed for the third floor, where Mr. Grecko's office awaited me.

As I was running, I passed my friend, YN.

"YN! Come on, let's go give the papers in! There's no time!"

"We're doing that now?!" And -- oh my goshes, this girl! -- she walks back to our homeroom class, takes her jacket off, folds it neatly, takes off her scarf leisurely, peels off her gloves, rearranges her backpack, does other stuff...


"All right, all right..." We began speed-walking to the third floor. As we were going there, we saw other Honors students walking back calmly, "Only two seats left."

We exchanged glances and took off running.

When we got there, panting and all, we saw a group of five boys from a different Honors class, standing in front of Mr. Grecko's office.

"You guys are too late." We stop dead in our tracks. "There's already 40 people."

"WHAT?!" We shriek. "Noooo..!"

"You should probably go back to class."

Sadly, we turn around and head back, slowly.

And then it hits me.

"That kid is lying!"

YN looks at me skeptically. "He's lying?"

"Yes! He just doesn't want us to be in it first!"

"All right, then why don't you go back and give your paper in?"

"Come with me."

At that moment, another one of our friends, MH, come rushing in with her papers, still clad in her jacket.

"Is it too late?!?" She says breathlessly.

We explained the situation to her, and she got all sad. But I don't trust nerds from my school! I decided to go back to Mr. Grecko's office, no matter what those boys said (And I brought the crew with me)

"Mr. Grecko?" I call, peeking my head through his doorway. "Is there still room?"

"Yes, there's a few seats left."

All three of us exploded through the door and shoved our paperwork into his face. First he got MH's paper. He wrote "39" on it. Then he got my paper. He wrote "40" on it.

Only 40 seats.

We looked at YN. She still gave it in, and he wrote "41" on it, assuring us that there could probably be a few exceptions, like perhaps 43 students.

At that moment, those boys from before came rushing in through the door, holding their paperwork.

YN's and my jaw dropped. We were madddd.

So. Those boys had lied just to get their papers in. But TOO BAD. We still got ours in first. So HA, nerds, HA!

I love nerds, by the way. But the Hufflepuff nerds from my school? Never trust them. They're just evil little nerds...really, really dedicated evil little nerds...

It just goes to show that you can't trust a Hufflepuff nerd. Nuff' said.


  1. Eeshie! why haven't you e-mailed me yet? I need to talk to someone who won't smack me every time I say something. Not naming anyone, ehuber930!anyways, e-mail me!

  2. Although I'm disappointed by your intense hatred of nerds, these sound like really evil nerds whom you should bully until the last day of your senior year.

    But that's good that you got in, right?

  3. Aw, I don't hate all nerds. I mean, hey. I'd be hating myself.


    I only hate those Hufflepuff nerds. They are SO evil. And yeah, it's GREAT that I got in. I'm really excited and pumped. YAYY!

  4. Hahaha this is the funniest story EVER! Love the Harry Potter-ness of it! Did you get to go? Well, you're going to THE top school so in yo face evil nerds! :D

  5. Those cheap bastards. Did you pants them to get even?


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