Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I trudged 1.2 miles in the mounds of snow to get to school in the very cold weather only to find that seven kids from my homeroom showed up.

What. Freaking. Gives.

Today was such a WASTE! I can't even believe today! I have never wasted so much time in my life!

So, I don't know if other U.S. States had this, but this whole past week, teachers have been telling us, "Wednesday is probably going to be a snowstorm" and "There probably won't be school on Wednesday" and "Blah, blah, blah, BLAH."

Tuesday night
Well. I went to sleep pretty late last night, but righhhht before I dozed off, I checked outside to see if it was snowing.

IT WAS!!! It was snowing furiously and hard, and there were already about four inches! And of course it was going to continue overnight, which meant SCHOOL WAS CLOSED TOMORROW!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA --

Not. Quite.

At around 3 a.m., I forced myself up to check if it was still snowing (Yes, I'm paranoid). It was STILL snowing! I could hardly contain myself! Happily, I went back to sleep, content with the fact that I could now sleep in...

Wednesday morning (today)

Since my brother's school is far from my house, and he takes the subway, he has to leave rather early. In fact, he leaves the house the time I get up.

So, while I'm happily lying in bed, knowing I won't have to get up soon, I hear my brother's "leaving-the-house" noises (Keys jingling, thudding footsteps, etc etc). I yell from my bed, "I THOUGHT THERE WAS NO SCHOOL TODAY!"



I got up to get ready for school. I was not about to walk in this weather, but my dad said it would be IMPOSSIBLE to clean the car (and not mention the snow surrounding the car) in the time we had. So I had two choices:

    a) Take the subway
    b) Walk

I wanted to take the subway. But, for various reasons, I could not.

SO. I was stuck, trudging through mountains upon mountains of snow (we got a LOT) for 1.2 miles. In the snow. And, the roads weren't even clean! What the heck were they thinking?

I was prepared, of course. I had leggings, and then jeans over it, and then tall boots over it. Then I had a long-sleeve shirt, my short-sleeve uniform on top, and then my FAT puffy jacket. Then, I had gloves, a hat, and a really, really cute scarf.

It was a long walk.

But eventually, I made it to school. There were only a few kids walking to school now, so I knew I was late. Maybe by ten minutes or so.

I walk into school through the side door, which goes into the cafeteria. If you're late, that is where you're supposed to go. Then, they give you a late pass, and then you go to your current class.

The cafeteria was so crowded.

What's going on? I thought. I was about to forget it and just go to my class, when I saw more people entering the cafeteria. Why were they coming in?

And then, I saw my SPANISH TEACHER!

"Senora!" I call. "Isn't this where we're supposed to get late passes?"

"Oh, no. We not taking attendance today."

" where am I supposed to go?"

"Your grade is in the auditorium."

I go to the auditorium, and there's people there as well. And then I see my homeroom teacher. I ask him simply, "What's going on?"

He looks at me and says, "Just take a seat. We're going to be splitting you guys up."

All right...what the heck does that mean?

I find some of my friends and sit down with them. They explained that about seven people from our homeroom class came to school. And some classes had even less. We turned around and saw that about 6 rows of seats were filled with kids. And not even completely filled. These were how many people from my grade in my house (Let's just call my house Gyrffindor!) showed up. About 50, or a little more. Sad, ain't it?

After a whole period, they decide to give us schedules. We were in second period now, and we were to report to our English teacher for two periods (ew). It was, well... terrible. She was trying to rap Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" for us, and was trying to "decode" his lyrics like a poem. Ugh.

And then we were in the auditorium for period 4.

Then we had lunch...and then we were back in the auditorium for period 6 (I'm beginning to hate that stupid auditorium). Then we had two periods with my homeroom teacher and watched Hoodwinked (The worst animation I have ever seen, I swear).

Today was just such a waste and such a stupid and boring day that I am just DISAPPOINTED.

Anyways. Did any of you guys have a snow day today? Or have had any similar experiences to this?


  1. That's awful. Seriously, that's terrible. Why was there school if they weren't taking attendance?

    I've had four snow days this week, including tomorrow.

  2. *Sigh* I honestly have no idea. But I mean, it wasn't exactly the school's fault. The mayor decided to keep the schools open. I really don't think he looked outside his window when he made that decision...

    Ooh! You Georgian kids are so lucky!

  3. That's not good. Our school usually messed around when attendance was too low. Got to pick the library, gym, or cafeteria to hang out in for the day. They just wanted to be open.

  4. I would SO have rather done that...


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