Monday, February 28, 2011

:-) <----This Is My Creepy Smile

I never exactly enjoy walking home by myself. I mean, I was okay with it back in my suburban town, only because the walk was like seven minutes long, everyone was white, and I was usually with one or two other people. Sometimes three.

But here? In New York City? When it's all icky from the rain?

Not fun.

It was a pretty bad start of my day. I woke up all ready for sunny weather (because the past weekend has been amazingly sunny enough to leave the house with a light sweater. Which is what I did), but instead, I looked out my window and saw milky skies, dreary clouds, and puddles everywhere.


What was worse was that I didn't get time for breakfast. And you know me when I don't get breakfast. Not a pretty sight.

I don't know what happened. I've been so disorganized lately. I need to start focusing. I had like, mountains of homework waiting for me the day the college program was over. I didn't even finish all of them, and ended up copying them from someone today. Something that I HATE doing.

On the bright side of things, we had that Science Test-Prep thing after school today for the first time. School officially ends at 2:30. The Science Test-Prep starts at 3:10. So basically, we all had forty minutes to kill. Which was fine by me.

First, a big group of us people roamed the halls, trying to find teachers to annoy.

Second, my friend Zaynab (mentioned before on THIS post) was on a crazy search to find food. Apparently there was another program in our cafeteria that was going on at the moment that provided food. She wanted to go and grab something. So, we all stumbled downstairs to the cafeteria.

And guess what kind of program it was?

It was a program from that college I went to! I saw a lot of my favorite college students there. It was really cool seeing them again. They kept wanting us Honors people to join, but this program wasn't “Honors-worthy” like the other one was, so I think most of us will skip it.

But they still gave us food. Cause we're awesome like that. It was a bag with sunchips and an orange juice carton. I HATE orange juice like I hate Miley Cyrus, so I was pretty annoyed that I had to drink it since I was so thirsty.

Eventually Science Test-Prep started. It wasn't that bad, actually. It's like class, except looser and with more freedom. Also, since there wasn't that many people (Half the people were absent. Not sure why), we callled out. Which I love doing.

Also, I found out that every single thing we're going to be doing this year, I already did last year in my suburban town. New York City is behind by a year. Damn. That sucks for me.

After Science Test-Prep was over, I walked home. Not alone, thank GOD. I hate walking home alone in the cold/rain in New York City at 4:30-5:30. Not a good place to be, mind you.

It was quite the opposite, actually. We walked in a big group. But it was still icky and wet, so bleh.

I'm sorry. Am I being whiny? I don't like being whiny. It shows how pathetic you are. And how ungrateful. Sorry about that everyone. This was a really suck-ish post, wasn't it?

Before I leave, I want you all to observe/read/pay attention to the next few paragraphs. I want a straight answer!

Why are boys so afraid of crying? Do they think it makes them seem less manly or something? That's the only answer I've gotten before. Well, excuse me: That's the freaking stupidest answer I've ever heard. What's wrong with crying? There's nothing wrong with it. If you're a boy, who defined this for you? Who told you that crying is unmanly, and that you may no longer cry if you want your dignity intact? Tell this person FUP YOU.


To me (and 99.99% of the female population), crying is a sign of compassion. You could see a tough jock walking down the hall with this I've-got-swagger kind of attitude and think to yourself, “He's just another one of those dumba$$es who want to get in someone's pants.” And then you could see this same guy crying. Your opinion would instantly change. Suddenly, dumba$$ jock doesn't seem so dumba$$ anymore. In fact, he seems awesome. And caring. And he has a certain organ in his chest that was thought to not be there before. Something capable of having feelings and love. This would be the liver. Just kidding. I'm talking about the heart.

So keep this in mind: 99.99% girls love it when guys cry. They think it's sweet.

So guy readers. Please comment on:
  1. If you feel crying is manly
  2. Why or why not
  3. What's your favorite brand of jeans (if you have one)?

And my girl readers. Please comment on:
  1. If you agree with me that crying is sweet :)
  2. Why or why not
  3. What's your favorite brand of jeans (if you have one)?

Why am I suddenly obsessed with jeans?!?!


  1. About the crying thing, to me it's a bit of a grey line. I mean there's nothing WRONG with it, not by any stretch. But you've got to see and understand it from a guy's perspective. This is really hard to explain, I can't get it into words even though I know the message I want to get across, but essentially, guys/men are seen as (back in BC times) the whole 'hunter' kinda thing. Guys are supposed to be the 'protectors' blah blah blah, we weren't/aren't exactly supposed to show 'weakness'. And again, you've got to understand this from a guy's perspective, you just do not let women see you in a 'weak' or 'vulnerable' state, we're supposed to be these big, strong, hard-as-nails, unfaltering peeps. And again this is a bit of an antiquated notion, I know, but there's just something about a guy not wanting to seem 'weak' in front of a girl.

    I kinda lost what I was trying to say there and I feel as if I haven't got it across properly, it's just REALLY hard to explain. But yeah, like I said, there's nothing WRONG with a guy crying, it's just hard as hell to explain it to a girl exactly why it feels weird for a guy to cry I guess. Especially in front of women.

    Hope what I said makes sense to some extent, but I still feel as if I didn't get my true message and meaning across.

  2. Crying isn't perceived as manly among men, it shows more of a weakness. That is at least the majorities thoughts on it. I personally feel like crying every once in awhile, but that's with random bouts of depression. I have to remind myself of how awesome I am to get out of them.

    I guess I just need a good reason to cry. The last time I did was when my grandmother (who was my primary caretaker) passed away. Some movies or books randomly make me sad too (I balled during Bridge to Terebithia when I watched it alone).

  3. Yeah, I mean, I think it's pretty dumb that guys think they need to be totally manly and macho and whatever 24/7. But really, it's quite endearing when guys actually show their emotions! To me it doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be crying all the time, you know? They don't have to try and be all overly emotional and sappy just because they think girls like it, if that makes sense. But they definitely shouldn't be too ashamed to cry when they're sad! Cause, yeah, guys that aren't afraid to express their feelings definitely are sweet. :)

    Hmmm... I normally get my jeans at Forever 21 cause they're like the only ones that actually fit me properly. I don't know if that counts as a brand, buuuut yeah.

  4. I so agree with you!! In Ancient Greece (yeah I went there) a man crying meant he was a manly man. A man SOBBING in PUBLIC meant he was a manly manly man!! Men cried more than women!!
    Our society has such a bad connotation with crying, it takes it from being something healthy to being something to show immaturity and weakness. We should be more like the Greeks!!!!
    Yeah and that rain yesterday was crazy!!!!

  5. i was one of the people you walked home with:) GASP! YOU copied????????? i would of never thought that there would be a day where YOU copied from someone.....i just can't believe it lol:) i agree with you, i think that it's sweet when guys cry cuz they are showing a sensitive side.

  6. heyy umm i just posted that last comment in case you were wondering...idk what happened

  7. Crying is sweet on occasion. Personally, I'm bad with comforting people (basically emotions in general :P ) so I would be bad for an emotional guy. But guys just feel that they need to be manly men in order to feel like they're strong enough to protect their girl. Crying could be showing weakness to them.

    I was playing with the fish at the bottom of your page for like, literally 10 minutes.

  8. Shenge: I think I know what you were trying to say. No matter how awkwardly you said it. ;D

    And yeah, I guess I see your perspective on crying. But come on. Read Jen @ The Purple Pant's comment.

    Kindros: You're awesome, and don't you ever forget it!

    Natalie: YAY! Someone agrees with me! And I feel exactly the same way.

    I love Forever 21!

    Jen @ The Purple Pants: That's really interesting! I didn't even know that. Where did you learn that?!

    Ehuber930: What happened?! I KNOW! I can't believe myself! Why did I copy? Why, oh, why!

    Victoria: Yeah, the fish is pretty awesome...

    And I see what you, Shenge, and Kindros are saying about crying. I see where you're coming from. I guess in truth, there's really no “right” or “wrong” thing. It's just the way things are, you know?


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