Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day My Butt

It's not that I hate Valentine's Day. Why would I change the background of my blog to associate with it if I hated it? Actually, I'm rather okay with it. Sure. I love it. What's not to like about fat Mexican pervs making out with petite Mexican chicks with a shirt that says, "I love my boyfriend"?

I LOVE seeing that!

Okay, okay, I'm being Grinch-like, aren't I? It's because, well...


Aw, I'm sorry about that Eeshie.


You must've gotten some candy today, right?


Oh, come now. A little Hershey kiss?


You're lying.


None?? At all?


So normally, I get some candy. Or at least a card. Or something. However, this year, I wasn't even aware of Valentine's Day. I've been waaaayyy too busy. This weekend was crazy. Friday, I found out that I had gotten accepted into THE best school in NYC (some say it's number two, but I say it's the best!), which is also one of the best schools in America. In fact, it's so famous that you've probably heard of it, and will be able to find it if you look it up. So if you want to stalk me, there ya go.

So Friday I was in shock.

Saturday, my Uncle's family threw him a birthday party.

Sunday, I was in a mad scramble to finish up two poster projects which were due TODAY, and I was trying to study for a test which was today (I got like a 95% on the test...)

SO. I had no idea Valentine's Day was today. I found out when I walked into my homeroom class, saw everyone clothed in pink, red, and white hues, and five or six people jumped on me and yelled, "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!"

I thought they were raping me, but y' know.

At our school, we do this thing where you can send chocolate roses to people for $2.00, and people go around delivering them for you on Valentine's Day. So many people told me, "Oh, I'm going to buy you a rose on Valentine's Day!" and how many roses do I get today?


Well, not exactly. The thing was, during my science test, people walked in to deliver roses. BUT, my science teacher made them stop because we were taking a test.


So I'll get my roses -- if any -- tomorrow. How did your Valentine's Day go?

On the bright side, my mom got me chocolate! At least someone cares...

On another bright side, I get to go ice skating on Wednesday. For the first time. In my entire life. With no practice or skills whatsoever. So I can fall and get hurt.


How was this the bright side again? Oh, yeah! I get to try ice skating for the first time. Tell me if you've done it before! Is it hard? Any tips you want to offer? IMMA SCARED! But not really...

If you've been so ignorant as to not notice, there's a new page on my blog. It's a "FAQ" page. You know..."Frequently Asked Questions"?  (I'm not sure why I just defined "FAQ" for you guys.) You can see it here.

And I've also made an email for this blog. Anytime you want to send me an email about homework, bother me to no end, annoy the crap outta me, entertain me with jokes, cry about your breakup to me, vent to me, talk about corporations, or just plain talk to me, send me an email at

You guys are awesome.


  1. The puppy is the big part of my fiance's gift. Other than that, I got her a card and getting her some chocolate. Wish I could of sent you some chocolates as well, sorry . :(

    Can always celebrates Singles' Awareness day. :)

  2. Candy is bad for your teeth - I would have sent you a Valentine Banana. I suggest you burn your butt before you go ice-skating so you'll get some relief when you fall on it.

  3. Congrats on getting into that school!! I don't have any ice skating tips for you, because I suck at it, but don't worry, it doesn't hurt THAT much when you fall down :D

  4. Mmmm, chocolate roses? Our school sells carnations, but that's not nearly as amazing/delicious!

  5. am so anti-valentine (but still I would have liked a piece of sweet candy too =/.. God, what am I? a hypocrite??)

    me likey your blog! =)

  6. Gah, I'm so glad it's over! The only bar of chocolate I got was from a friend, *bitter* chocolate might I add..I was like "Are you trying to tell me something girl?"

    Haha anyway, congratulations on getting into your favorite school! I remember when I got my acceptance. Best.feeling.ever.

    Also, love the title of your blog, cracks me up! I feel like chunky dunking is what I do too.. and quite well actually :D I love your blog! Please explain how the whole wordpress/blogspot thing in how can I subscribe? Or should I go to FAQs?

  7. Hm. Interesting. I got LOADS of candy.

    Sorry about the bad week.

  8. Kindros: Ha. Singles' Awareness day. I like that. :)

    Gorilla Bananas: :O That's a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that??

    Jen @ The Purple Pants: Aw, thanks! And I guess it didn't hurt THAT much. But it still hurt. Or, maybe my butt's just soft. :)

    Boyd: I think our school sells real roses, too. But once people heard about CHOCOLATE roses? Oh man, we barely had enough to go around!

    Sidrah: I read your blog! I loved it!!

    Spaliwala: It IS the best feeling ever! It truly is. I'm actually not sure about the Wordpress/Blogspot problem. I'll ask someone about it. Or maybe you can Google it?

    That Blond Guy: Nice try, kid. I read your blog, therefore I know how much candy you got (*cough, cough* one *cough, cough, and I'll throw a sneeze in there too)

    But thanks :)

  9. I'm sending you virtual chocolates, but I licked them all.


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