Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm A Big Kid Now! Shut up, Fool. You Will Always Stay a Midget.

For once, school is being...interesting.

Monday was eh. Pretty boring. If you wanna read about that day, press here.

Tuesday perked up a bit. I was walking home with a friend, and then we turned our separate ways since we lived in opposite directions. So on the rest of the walk to my house, I kept thinking to myself, I really don't want to go home. I had so much unused energy in me, and it had to be spent.

So. With barely any second thought as I was passing my house, I glanced up, looked back down, and kept walking.


Just kidding. Back to the story. I kept walking, without stopping once. This really wasn't like me. Where the hell was I going?

I relaxed when I reached the street where my mother volunteers at a doctor's office. I walked in and said hello. She grabbed me and introduced me to everyone, showing me off. The doctor asked me, "So, I hear you got into that really good school."

Me: "Yup!"

"Pretty hard school to get into, huh?"

Me: "Yup!"

"You must be a pretty smart kid, right?"

Me: "Yup!"

"How bout' me and you hit the clubs tonight?"

Me: "Yu – ! Noo..."

(Last part didn't happen)

Anyway, I stayed there a few minutes before eventually going home, where I laughed uncontrollably for seven hours and forty two minutes straight watching this.


Yesterday (a Wednesday, for those of you who aren't exactly sober as of the moment), was even more interesting. Undercover cops came to our school after the day was over. Teens were pouring out of the doors, friends were meeting up with their friends, gangs were meeting up with their gangs, and it was easier than ever for the police to pretend they weren't police.

Which was how they managed to arrest people.

I was just leaving the school with some friends when we passed undercover cops dressed in sweats and tees handcuffing a guy I knew.


Nothing had stopped. Everyone's day was continuing outside, unaware of what was happening.

"Are we the only ones that noticed this?!?" my friend YN whispered to me.

"I don't know," I whispered back.

Naturally, we had to make everyone notice.


Eventually, people started realizing that Dexter was standing there, his hands behind his back with his head hanging low, the undercover cops taking notes on a pad. DUH.

It ain't rocket science.

YN and I weaved through the crowds, mingling with other people about Dexter. Somehow, a big group had formed of people talking about Dexter. YN and I decided to ditch. Ha ha. It didn't matter; we already knew what happened anyway.

Not sure why he was arrested though...

Up front, we saw one or two gangs from our school getting pretty rowdy. YN and I were kind of worried, since they were about twenty feet from us, up ahead on the same sidewalk. Then they started yelling and cursing. Two seconds into it, there was pushing. And then it all fell apart. Everyone there was kicking and punching and spitting and fighting and AUGH! It was terrible.

YN and I exchanged looks and TOOK. OFF. We freaking flew over to the other side of the street as fast as our little feet could take us.

As we were running across the street, we saw the undercover cops pull up fast and running out like crazy. They grabbed some of the boys to stop the fighting or to get arrested. And one of them was apparently so bad that they had to push him to the ground so that he was lying on his stomach and stand over him to trap him and handcuff him. It was a little like this.

The only difference of course was that the guy was lying on the ground, facedown. And the police were on top of him. And it wasn't nighttime. And they were not just standing around calmly discussing donut flavors. It was intense.

YN and I raced to see the action. The guy on the ground looked vaguely familiar. But we couldn't tell who it was yet because of the mop of hair covering him. Plus he was looking down. But then he turned his head sideways to us...

And our jaws dropped.

Our jaws freaking dropped.

This boy, on the ground getting handcuffed, was Michael. Our friend MH's ex-boyfriend.


It was crazy! He turned to our direction, and our eyes met, and I didn't even know what to say. I just shook my head in disapproval. That should've been enough for him.

He turned his head the other way.

YN and I stayed a few minutes, watching what happened. Meanwhile, in about thirty seconds, news of Michael had spread around to everyone within a two-mile radius. It was insanity. And it was a bit sad to think of the good times MH and Michael had shared. I thought of him so highly. But now...? I didn't know what to think.

I would tell MH. But I knew she's going to know before I even got to her.

So oh well.

I looked at the other arrested boys. They had mean, tough glares plastered on their face, as if daring anyone to mock them. They were all either Spanish, Guyanese, White, or Black. I don't think any other races were involved.

No one cared about them. They cared about Michael, the sweet kid we had all known to be, well, sweet just a few months ago. He had become a follower in that time, and now what had happened?

A very sad moment. Hmm...

YN and I continued walking after that. After I walked her to her house, I again didn't feel like going home. So, I kind of just walked around one of the busy streets, people-watching and stepping in and out of stores.

Today I saw Michael. He looked up and saw me, and we both looked down at the same time.


I'm really mad at my Spanish teacher. She told us on Tuesday that we're having a quiz on Thursday.

"Is it on the new verbs?" I asked tentatively.

"No, no, it's on other things."

YES! "Okay."

So I studied like a good little girl and thought I was all prepared for today's test. But NO. Senora is a liar! A whole freaking twenty-five questions were on our new verbs! Pedir, decir, cumplir, etc.


I probably got a 95%. Tee hee.

Anyways. After school, I walked my friend home again and went up to that busy street. I don't know -- something about that bustling place intrigues me. I still have yet to visit every store.

I bought a box of donuts for my mom. Tee hee!

Welp. Guess that's it for now.

This is a link that I want you to press on.

This is another link that I want you to press on. Personally, I thought it was the freaking funniest thing in the world.


  1. Haha 'donut flavours', that was a good one...

    And that baby laughing vid was hilarious haha.

  2. That stinks about Michael! I would have been so terrified if I was there!!!!!!!!

  3. That's crazy. We had some nutso fights at our school, nothing with undercover cops though.

  4. Undercover cops? Whoa! Did you ever find out why poor Dexter was getting arrested anyways? And DOUBLE whoa, now there are crazy fights involving ex-boyfriends going on? I think at my school there have been a few scuffles here and there, but never any really huge fights where people are tackled by undercover police. Holy cow, definitely some rather crazy shenanigans happening as of late in your life.

    I have to confess, I didn't click on the links because I should have gone downstairs for dinner ten minutes ago and by now the food is probably cold, but whatever. Just thought you should know. ;)

  5. Shenge: That baby laughing thing wasn't just hilarious. It was freaking cute!

    Jen @ The Purple Pants: It didn't just stink. It was really...surprising. :\

    Kindros: Yeah, you get used to it in New York City. ;)

    Natalie: No, I didn't find out yet. But I will! And yeah. As I told Kindros, it's NYC. It's pretty common.


    Aw, you were late to dinner ten minutes because you were reading my blog? I FEEL SPECIAL!

  6. Oh you totally have to find out why he was arrested...i'm such a sticky beak lol.Its like an episode of Degrassi but like the cool old Degrassi befor they became so PC lol

    Soooooo also you have been tagged in the 'pay it forward 2011' thingy.
    You need to send me an email with your details and such + maybe some info on some things you like...colours and such.

    Love that baby! Its hilarious.
    Great blog you crack me up.


  7. No one seems to know why! But I'm dying here! I want to know NOW!

    Oh yeah sure, whatever you need. What exactly do I have to write in this email thingy again? Sorry.

    *Sheepish smile*

  8. I think your week was anything but boring. I loved that, "Senora is a liar!" LOL


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