Thursday, February 24, 2011

The College Experience-Part II

Note: Before reading this post, I suggest reading this post first, if you haven't already done so. Just sayin'.


Yet again, the college experience has proved itself to be rather fascinating.

Again, we had Toxicology. Nothing changed. And by “nothing changed,” I mean it didn't get more interesting, it didn't get more boring, it didn't get harder, it didn't get easier, we didn't take more notes, we didn't take less notes – it remained the absolute same. The only thing different was that we had the class in a different room.

Toxicology went by pretty quickly. I was just waiting for Human Relations.

Then we had Sports Management, my favorite class (Heavy sarcasm on “favorite”) I didn't think Sports Management could be any more boring, but whaddya know. Expect the unexpected. It was extremely boring. Again.

Then we had lunch. As Natalie said in the comments of The College Experience-Part I, it was awesomely unhealthy. I bought a personal pizza (which was way too overpriced) and shared it with a friend.

And then...


*Eeshie skips around the room happily with “Walking on Sunshine” in the background*

We were in a different room this time. It was in a different building, but it was still a conference room like last time. On this day, the topic was acts of kindness. We were talking about Rachel Scott and how she stated, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.”

Professor Williams decided to 'apply this theory to each and every one of our lives.'

Huh? The class asked.

She explained. “Since Rachel Scott was determined to start a chain reaction, we're going to be a part of it! Go out and brighten someone's day!”

We stared at her. Like...brighten someone's day for homework or something?

Nope. Professor Williams had something else in mind.

Go on now! Go!” She was directing us towards the door.

Wait, what?!”
Go brighten someone's day! Go on now! Anyone! It can be as simple as saying hello! Go and spread your kindness!”

Like, to the college students?”

Yes, yes! Go!”

B-but we don't even know them!”

You don't have to know someone to share kindness with them! Go out and put a smile on their faces!”

I heard a kid saying, “My mom told me not to talk to strangers...”

I could'nt believe we were actually doing this. Brightening the days of complete and utter strangers. So we walked out of the classroom and found ourselves right at the center of the major building where most of the college students hung out.


All the girls of the class kind of traveled in a pack, wildly looking around to see whose day they could brighten. Then we kind of broke off into sub-groups. I was with Fleur. We were discussing something one minute, and then the next –

Her jaw dropped. “THE PIZZA MAN!”

She took off 80 m/h towards the guy delivering pizza, ready to hold open a door or something.

And now I was alone.

I could've joined one of my other friends, but I kind of liked the idea of turning someone's day around just because I said hi. I was determined to make this happen.

I walked among a large, casually-decorated room with couches and tried to find someone who looked...approachable. I was looking for someone who was not on a cell phone, did not have headphones on, and was not sitting next to someone.

That's right. I was looking for the loner.

And there he was, glowing in angelic light, sitting near the north corner on a couch all by himself, head bent over a book.


I started marching towards him determinedly , saw some people look up because of my loud footsteps, slowed myself to a casual walk, and when I was five feet from him, I began tip-toeing.

I was nervous.

For about five seconds straight (Count that in your head to see how long it really is), I was just standing five feet from him, staring. I could see he was Asian, he was wearing all black, and his book was thick. I took a deep breath, pasting an I'm-a-friendly-person-and-I'm-not-trying-to-flirt-with-you-or-anything-I'm-just-trying-to-brighten-your-day smile on my face and spoke.


He looked up, surprised. I could practically imagine the thought process in his head at the moment. What is this weird, unfamiliar, short 5'3'' girl doing in front of me saying, “Hi?”

A smile teased at his lips. “Hi.”

Nothing. Then –


Raised eyebrows, smile. “Good...did you need anything from me?”

No, I was just saying hi,” I said. I was almost going to say “I was just brightening your day.” Thank GOD I didn't. And then for some reason, I said, “Thank you!” and walked away. Why did I say “Thank you?” I don't know! I'm still figuring it out...

As I was walking away, I was thinking to myself.


That was actually pretty fun.

So, I went around giving compliments and saying hi to everyone. I said hi to about two people, complimented one girl on her shirt, and another on her boots. Around this time, the teacher was calling us back to the classroom. I started heading back, when I felt someone grab my hand.


It was Fleur.

Fleur, come on, we're going to get in trouble!” I'm always the worrywart.

I wanna hug someone!”

I just stare at her. “Er, okay. Go hug someone and let's go!”

We found someone friendly-looking that she could ask for a hug. She was Asian, and she was on her computer, and she looked really nice.

Fleur decided to get the butterflies, because she purposefully passed by her about five times, too shy each time to say anything. The sixth time, I pushed her forward and she stood right in front of the student. No backin' out now.

Fleur happens to have a really sweet voice and she's really pretty, so she kinnnnda resembles an angelic form. Not literally, but she's the type of person you'd call “America's Angel.”

So she says: “It's Free-Hug Day! Can I have a hug?”

Now understand this: This college student is some complete stranger who has never met my American Angel friend Fleur in her life before, and now Fleur asks for a hug. What would you do?

The college student surprises us all. She stares for about two seconds, then explodes in joyous laughter. Not a mean one. A really, really nice laughter. And you can tell instantly that she likes Fleur or thinks she's cute (Which she is. Just sayin'). She says, “Sure!” And they hug.

And I'm like, “AWWW!”

Look at that. World peace right there. Goes to show what a simple act of kindness can do, huh?

The rest of the day was pretty much a free period, but that Human Relations class was definitely the highlight of my day. I've never had a teacher like that, and I'm really excited to go back there.

And guys. Fleur is single. *Waggles eyebrows* Oh, wait hold up. Never mind. She's not single. I forgot. Sorry! She's taken. Shame, shame. Know what else is a shame? My science textbook has a stupid typo in it. Look at it!

Tsk, tsk.


  1. 1) check my email. its crazy.
    2)i had chicken nuggets for dinner
    3) You always brighten peoples days so that was like perfect for you!
    4) Our science text book has a similar typo
    5)my hair is extra curly todayyyyyyy :)
    kbyez :D

  2. ...and my day is brightened. hilarious! and i think that if i had to go "brighten someone's day", i'd be ridiculously awkward and socially inept, because thats what i do. woo!

  3. I read the first sentence of this post, which led me to another post, which led me to another post, which I had already read but I read it again just to refresh my memory.

    That human relations class sounds incredible. I had heard about Rachel Scott and have been obsessing over her in the year since. Her essays are amazing. I also love the song "Walking on Sunshine!"

    Man, this college program sounds really fun, (albeit the toxicology and sports management class).

    This post was hilarious, babes. I love your blog.

  4. Salena: I love chicken nuggets!

    Shriekenberg: I thought I was going to be like that, too! But once you do one person, it gets easier for the rest.

    That Blond Guy: Lmao! Yeah, sorry about that :)

    OmiGOD, I know! She was really, truly mature for her age.

    :O You used the word "albeit" properly! I can never use that word without sounding like an idiot. And yes, it's been very fun.

    Aw, thanks! I love your blog too.


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