Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Just Did The Most Impulsive Thing of my Life

I joined the science test-prep club at my school.




  1. Loosen up, girl. This is the time of your life to be doing impulsive things and learning from it. So you joined the science test-prep club - you can UN-join, too, can't you?

    Are you guys preparing for the NYS Science Test? That sucks. Really bad.

    Anyway, have fun with that! Oh, and see you on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. *in a wise, heavy tone* : Young one, you have done the right thing.

  3. That Blonde Guy: What the hell HAVE I done?!?

    Kindros: It was never a good idea...

    Misticalnia: Yeah, I can un-join it. But my parents said it sounded like a good idea. Plus, the school suggests that you join the club if you're in Honors.

    And what's NYS? Is it the same thing as the Regents? In that case, yes.

    YAY! See you on Saturday! (And I have something reaaaally amazing to tell you. Something so amazing that there just may be a blog post about it soon...)

    Sana Castellano: *In a dutiful, apprentice-like voice* : Whatever you feel is right, Master Dumbledore.

  4. thats ur email, right? i can email you?

  5. what the hell have you done??? hehe.

    i hate science!!♥

  6. idontthinkso123: Erm...yeah that's my email for this blog. It's not like my REAL email. Just for this blog...and you want to email me why?

    haze: I'm still asking myself that question! In fact, tomorrow after school, when I'll be sitting at science test-prep, I will STILL be asking myself that same question.

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your blog name made me LOL for realz. :P

    And it can't be too bad... I mean it could be worse right? None of the members are cannibals I'm assuming...

  8. Hello there and thanks for following my blog and such. :) This just really reminded me of "you can't join the mathletes, that's social suicide!" Name that movie, haha. But, y'know, hey, this is a good opportunity to embrace your inner science geek! Maybe...? :D

  9. Bookish.Spazz: Aw, your welcome! And they're not cannibals...YET.


    Dun, dun, DUN!

    Natalie: Mean Girls, right? XD And your blog is awesome. You always sound so wise! And maybe it is an oppurtunity to embrace my inner science geek...Hmm...



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