Monday, April 4, 2011

YEAHYA. I'm Special, And I Taste Better Than Watermelons.

Aren't these the most amazing boots ever?

*Sigh* And to think: These wonderful things were almost mine. But Eeshie is a stupid person, so I ended up not getting them. *Sigh*

I did, however, get this awesome peacoat! And the hipster necklace! (Olivia/Mischeif Managed is wearing out on me. Ha!) Ignore my ugliness, and the annoying hair, and whatever else makes the picture unflattering. Focus on the coat.

Awesome, indeed.

Anyway, I put up a big World Map in my room. Check it:

Wonderful. I will know be able to learn the my sleep.

I'm a wonderful child! Ishashime has tagged me on a survey-like thingy. Sooooooooo, here it goes!

Food- Oh you are one funny child. Like I'm supposed to pick just one? At this very second, I'm craving some cookie dough ice cream. Also, some monkey, with a bit of elephant on the side. Yummy.

Color- All of them! The colors never did anything to me -- how can I go against them all? But I guess I like purple. And green. And blue. And orange. And -- ya see what you've done?

Animal- When I was little, my favorite animal was a baboon. Then, I saw a picture of one. A real one. It is no longer my favorite animal. Now, I guess it'd  have to be Perry the Platypus. Or cats. Cats are cool.

Sports Team- I don't know. I don't exactly follow sports. So...I guess I don't really give a crap.

Dessert- *Sigh* I thought we went through this when you asked me what my favorite food was. Again, I can't pick just one!

Actor/Singer/Band- At this moment? Well, guys are on my mind, so:
           Actor: Leonardo Di Caprio/Taylor Lautner (Hotness)
           Singer: Jesse McCartney (Hotness)
           Band: Hmmmm...

Pair of Shoes- I'm freaking obsessed with sandals, heels, boots, and pretty much anything other than sneakers.

Outfit- That question is wayyyyyy too hard.

Skinny Jeans- ...I don't get it. How do I answer this question? Is it even a question? Is this question asking me what my favorite skinny jeans are? That's a darned stupid question!

Brand- I guess Coach. AND FOSSIL. OMG. FOSSIL IS AMAZING. *regains composure* But yeah, I really love Fossil.

Perfume- I don't know. Anything that smells nice, and doesn't make me puke on impact. I hate those overbearing perfumes/colognes people wear. They make me feel so nauseous. Don't wear Axe around me!
Accessory- If you've seen me recently, you know I like all things jewelry. Be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Especially rings. lovely, lovely rings. I cannot leave the house without at least one ring and one bracelet.

City- Psh. Obviously, New York City. Duh. Psh. Duh. I live here. Psh.

Hobby- Writing, blogging, talking, walking, conjugating irregular verbs in Spanish, playing Pictionary with Superman, teaching my imaginary dog how to fly, dancing with Chace Crawford, creating new fonts for Microsoft Word, teaching Rebecca Black how to sing -- I could go on.

Beauty Product- Lip gloss! And also, shampoo/conditioner. I could spend a whole day just washing my hair.

Snack- Whatever my stomach demands.

Holiday- EID!

Movie- I really can't pick just one. OH WELL.

Song- I really can't pick just one for this either. TOO BAD.

Guilty Pleasure- Blogging when I really should be doing my homework. Like, right now.

Tagging Blogs- Oh. Oh no. I can't. I just can't pick my favorite blogs. ALL OF THEM ARE SO WONDERFULLY MADE AND SO DELICIOUS! *Sigh* This will be a problem. Please standby.


I'm back. I just put all of the blogs I follow and many more that I enjoy reading on little slips of paper and put them all in a bowl. Then, I closed my eyes and picked four. These are the ones I picked, and shall be tagging. But again, all of you're blogs keep me awake at night, because they're just too good for me to stop reading. So, in no particular order, the tagging goes to...

Christopher! I mean That Blond Guy from The Nerd Archives. Don't tell him I said this, but his blog has made me laugh so hard one time that I started snorting milk out of my nose. Shh! But his blog is so hilariously amazing, and at the same time can be so deep and contemplative, that he totally deserves to get tagged.

Natalie from A Natalie Moment. She always thinks that she's bothering us by telling us about her life, but we're not bothered at all, Natalie! In fact, we lovvvve your blog. The thing I like most about Natalie's blog is that she makes everyday things prettier and funnier. I don't even know how to describe this. You're just going to have to see this blog for yourself.

Trixie from This Fare City of Portland, Oregon. I'm not going to lie -- last week I abandoned all my homework and studying to read Trixie's past posts. It's kiiiind of addictive. And by kind of, I mean very. It's just funny! I love her blog so much! Her blog is an account of all the wackiness that goes on in her cab. And trust me, there's a lot of wackiness. Which in turn, makes a funny story, and is kind of an adventure in itself.

Ryan Mace from Music=Love and Life. This blog is indescribably amazing. This guy, Ryan Mace, is such an amazing poet. This poem in particular is my absolute favorite. Read it, read it, read it, read it! READ IT NOW!

Don't worry, folks. I'm sure there'll be plenty of more time for me to tag more people in future posts. I'm not going anywhere. And I hope you aren't, either.

In other news, I finished The Hunger Games on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011, around 9:17 p.m. It was an amazing, amazing read. I loved that book so much that I'm going to keep it until my pedophile librarian Mr. Lucas (we remember him, don't we?) demands it back. And I won't go down without a fight. I adored that book. I went shopping on Saturday and brought it with me. I went to Islamic class on Saturday and Sunday at mosque and brought it with me. I went to the hospital to see someone and brought it with me. I went to my cousin's house and brought it with me. I did not put that book down until I was done. It was too good.

Unfortunately for me, I hated the end. Hated it! If I didn't know that there were two more books left to read, I'd be hunting Suzanne Collins down by now. Hunting her. And when I would find her nestled comfortably in bed, I would snatch her up by the collar and demand her to either change the ending or write another book. Fortunately for her, there is another book. Catching Fire. And I must, must, must get a hold of that book before I go completely insane.

I'm on the brink, you know. Of going insane? When I reached the end of The Hunger Games, and read the small little End of Book One, I was breathing hard. And I was gripping the book tightly. And I was swallowing. And I stared at the book for about thirty seconds. Then, I threw the book across the room from where I was sitting on my bed, and it smashed into the wall and bounced off before sliding onto my couch. And still, I was breathing hard. It took me about five minutes to regain my normal state. Finally, when I cooled down, I let out a frustrated little, "Ugh!" And then I left my room to shake myself from The Hunger Games train of thought.

It didn't leave my mind, of course. I left the room in search of my brother, Yns, so I could tell him allllllll about my frustration with the book. My brother wasn't home, so I used my mother as a replacement. It just wasn't the same. She heard me say, "killing," and it was all over.

"I don't want to hear about this book!"

Oh, Mother...


  1. Whoa, those are some pretty fabulous boots, I must say! Though I don't think I could pull off the high heels. As in, I'd most likely trip and fall down the stairs. But still. And I like the peacoat too! :D

    Oh man, it is so impossible for me to decide my favorite things too, haha. Especially when it comes to food! Cookie dough ice cream is muy delicioso though. And HAHA, I find it hilarious that as soon as you saw what a baboon actually looked like you didn't like it anymore... Yeah, I am not a fan of Axe either. Cough-inducing.

    AWWWWW! Thank you for tagging me and saying wonderful things about me. It makes my face look like this --> :) :) :)

    Need. To. Read. The. Hunger. Games. That, and Never Let Me Go! I am so behind. But it's exciting to know that it's really an amazing read. I'm scared for the ending now though! Even though I haven't even read any of it yet... but still. I will.

  2. Haha I love/d this post, good stuff. And that whole map on the wall thing? When I get my own place, I plan to get a HUGE map of the world and stick it somewhere. I've always loved looking at the world map for some reason, and my dad has this mad little atlas that has really detailed maps of all the countries, and believe it or not, I used to read it. That's right, I READ an atlas. It was awesome. I'll have to start reading it again...

  3. LOL, your posts are always such elegant chaos! I will certainly check out those bloggers you recommend too.

  4. I've got one of those world maps in my room. One that shows all the mountain ranges really well. Nice to look at every once in a while :3

  5. those boots are fabulous! i've been looking for a good pair of boots for a while but i'm a bit picky so just anything won't do. also, whuut at the world map. haha.
    Hunger Games sounds interesting. i'll check it out. xD

  6. Asgfkjgblk I have wanted to put a world map in my room for so long! It's so pretty. And WHY wouldn't you buy those boots, they're gorgeous?!

    I've only read the first Hunger Games, and I haven't exactly been fired up by it...I might give the second one a chance if I ever get time :)

  7. EESHIE! I've been asking around school to see if I could borrow the hunger games but I can't get a hold of it. OMG! THOSE BOOTS ARE GOERGEOUS! Did I just spell gorgeous wrong? The recent school dance gave me nightmares- I'll e-mail you later. The only things on my walls are posters of hot guys (Andy Sixx, Munro Chambers, Enrique Iglesias, etc.) Anywho, tell Yasha I said hi, and Eeshie, you should really get an imaginary friend to complain about books to instead of poor Yasha. BYE

  8. Thanks for the note. Amazing the bedspread too. Lots of cool things here.

  9. Woah, those are amazing boots! I am sad for you for not getting them. But, coat! Awesome coat!

    Haha, I read that book so long ago, I don't even remember how it ended. I loved it, though; the entire series. My mom doesn't wanna hear about books I read either :(

    I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. It means gym sucks, en particulier pour vous. Handball IS stupid! Only sixth grade? Did you start participating after that, or did you just have nicer gym teachers?

    Well. Hi!

  10. in my old house i had a map of the world the size of the entire wall. from one room corner to the other. it was massive, and probably the coolest thing my mum and dad ever bought for the house.

    just wanted to say, THANKS FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG! ♥ you're a celebrity, you know. and my blog and i feel really special. thank you. :D

  11. So, you just finished Book 1 of the Panem-Series? Be prepared, the end of Book 2 is much, much more worse!! It left me sleepless... :)

    XO. Nadine

  12. I'm so sorry for this but years ago I took this oath which forces me to ask: Are those boots made for walking?

  13. HIPSTERS UNITE! Actually, yesterday I was in Chinatown (NYC) and I bought another scarf. My fourth one, I believe.
    P.S. I like how you have a bunch of pictures I posted on my blog on the right side of your blog. Over there ----->

  14. Natalie: Oh, don't worry. I was *barely* staying upright in those heels. Ha!

    Right??! I can never, ever, ever pick my favorite things. Way too difficult. And yeah, baboons are really ugly. Have you ever seen one? Google it and you will soon agree with me.

    You're welcome! But seriously, I love your blog. It's awesome! Evey time I see there's a new post, I completely forget about my homework and immediately go to read it. I am a dedicated follower. :D

    You must! MUST!

    Ash: Aw, thanks. I'm all about good stuff. :-)

    *Shocked gasp* You used to read an atlas? ME TOO. Oh my God, this is incredible. You are my official soulmate. I love learning about the world and reading atlases. What can I say? It's fun. And yeah, that sounds like an amazing plan.

    Aaron M. Gipson: Ha! “Elegant chaos.” I loved that!

    Fang: It's interesting, you know? And educational, too.

    Ishashime: Read it! Read it, read it, read it, READ IT! And yes, those boots are mighty fabulous.

    Emma: It's all blurry now. I think I was arguing with my mom about getting the boots, and then she yelled, “FINE! TAKE THEM!” and just to make a point, I said, “No! I don't WANT them anymore!”

    Yeah. I'm the biggest loser on the planet. It's official.

    Really? That's surprising. Was there anything you didn't like about it?

    Amb104: ANNETTE! Get it from the public library. NOW. RIGHT NOW.

    Enrique Iglesias?!? Wasn't it you that called me an animal when I called him hot, wayyyy back a few months ago? Mm-hmm...

    And for your information, I *have* an imaginary friend. His name is Frederick III.

    Elli: Aw, thanks! And your welcome. :-)

    Strawberry: It was so amazing that I actually had a dream about Peeta frosting a cake. I NEED A THERAPIST. FAST.

    No, I still don't participate. Ha ha.


    Ivy's closet: Thank you!

    Caitlin and megan: Aw, thanks! My style *is* pretty amazing, ain't it? Lol.

    Furree Katt: :O You lucky, lucky girl. That's so cool! I want one! Where did you buy it? And was it in your bedroom?


    Nadine: I KNOW! I read the second one! It was TERRIBLE. I'm going crazy, trying to get the third and final book!

    Asif: Ha! Yes, yes they are, my friend. Yes they are.

    Mischief Managed: WOOT WOOT!

    Aw, you should've come to my house while you were there!

    Yes, I love scarves as well.


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