Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There's No Place Like Home. At Home, I Have A Bag Of Skittles And Internet Access. What Else Could I Want?

G'day, mates (Look at me. Going Australian. I'm just so cool.).

Welp. It's Tuesday. Last day of Spring Break. Noooooo...For some reason, I feel like this is going to be my last post or something. I'm scared. I don't want this to be my last post. But I feel that with the pressures of school arising as the end of the school year approaches, I'll be in FULL SCHOOL MODE, with my door closed and my curtains drawn and all my textbooks surrounding me in circle while I sit in the middle of it all, crying my heart out and eating  carrots dipped in Nutella.

I have this feeling that I'll be really busy. Especially with like, five state tests to do. Three next week or so, and then two in June. SO SCARED.

I mean, if this really is my last post, it won't be my last post in forever. Just my last post until I guess some state test are over. I don't want to wait for summer vacation.

Scared for state tests...

Anywya, I got tagged by two people recently: The wonderful Ash and the wonderful Natalie. Strangely, they both tagged me for the same thing. As in the same set of questions. That was cool. Did you guys plan that, or was it a complete coincidence? I found that cool...

Sooo, here are my not-so-long-awaited answers!

What did you do 10 years ago?
Hmm. 10 years ago, eh? Well...ten years ago I was just a wee child who spent most of her time coloring and watching Arthur or Cyberchase. Man, I love myself some Arthur.

What did you do one year ago?
Well it's April now. All I can remember from April of last year is preparing for state tests. I lived in New Jersey back then. Good times, good times...

Five snacks that you like?
At the moment? Anything with cheese, really. Sour cream and onion Lays (Buy me some for my birthday and I'll love you forever), Reese's Cups, samosas, and brains. Yummy.

Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to?
Not many, actually. Uh...Viva La Vida by Coldplay, Speak Now by Taylor Swift, Feelin' Good by Nina Simone (although the Michael Buble version is sooo much better), All My Loving by The Beatles, and Friday by Rebecca Black. The only reason I know that last one is because Rebecca Black herself found my apartment in NYC and read my post making fun of her lousy music and vowed to the 'sun gods' that she'd make me know the song. So, she dragged me to her underground torture chamber and beat me repeatedly with a hotdog and put her terrible song deafeningly loud against my ear and played it 823, 342, 903 times, so that it was imprinted in my brain for life.

And then with a camera smile, she handed me four copies of her signed CD's and told me in a peppy fashion, "You should go to my concert! It'll be super duper fun!"

Anddddd then I died.

Five things you would do if you were a millionare?
1) Half of it for my parents
2) Quarter of it for my brother
3) Bits and bobs for friends, cousins, and other relatives
4) Charity/Medical Research/Muslim Organizations/World Peace Organizations
5) Write a book, since now I obviously don't need to become a neuropharmacist to get money, right? And after I write my book, I'll probably want to study at Princeton or Colombia or something and become a neuropharmacist anyway, because I'll be ridiculously bored at my huge house.

Five Bad Habits?
Oh, I assure you. Eeshie has no bad habits.


HA! You wish.

1) Procrastinating
2) Writing on this blog when I really should be studying or reading
3) Um...lying...sometimes...
4) Laughing really, really, really loudly
5) Spending two hours when making a petty decision.

Five things you like to do?
1) Writing, writing, writing, writing...
2) Reading, reading, reading, reading...
3) Blogging, blogging, blogging, blogging...
4) Talking, talking, talking, talking...
5) Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping...

[Eeshie has no life]

Five things you would never dress in or buy?
1) A Justin Beiber bra (Yes, they exist)
2) Sandals with socks
3) Miniskirts. Never ever.
4) A cape
5) These jeans

Five favourite toys?
1) BARBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, um, ahem, I mean, well, um, uh............Monster trucks.
2) Camera!
3) Internet
4) Guitar Hero 3
5) Cabbage Patch Kids. *licks lips* Oh yes.

Five people you'd like to see take this quiz?
Well, I'd like to see you five do it. But I don't think you're going to...

1) Noah Brown (Dude, you're awesome)
2) That Blond Guy (Hey, you're awesome as well)
3) Furree Katt (You're awesome-er than the word "awesome")
4) Misticalnia (You're weird. And awesome, too!)
5) Sarcasmic Ross (You're sarcasm is unbelievably awesome)

I believe we've established that the people I've tagged are indeed, awesome.

And it's in rainbow colors!

Yeah, so here's a comic that kind of made me depressed by the end, but I'm sharing it anyway. If it's too small, just press it to get it bigger.

Poor little fellas.

Omigoshes, you must go on the site called It's so cool! Basically, you draw something on the space they provide for you, submit it, and instantaneously, you get a drawing back. I drew some pretty crude stuff, and I got some amazing drawings back. Here are a few of the pictures I got back (not drawn by me):

Awesome, right? Right?!?

Now, some of you aren't completely convinced that I'm a freak. You're terribly wrong, and what I did on the Tuesday of Spring Break (I believe it was the 19th) is raw proof.

I was so, so painfully bored, so I wandered into my mother's room without a clue of what to do and began rummaging through her makeup. I found a whole basket of lipstick. I opened numerous tubes and found radiant reds, precious pinks, and some deep purples. And then, out of nowhere, I found the ugliest shade of lipstick known to man. It was this horrid combination of orange and red and it was so disgusting and just such a nasty color, and I wondered in the back of my mind who in their right mind who buy this, let alone make this color of lipstick in the first place?

I went to my mirror and put it on.

After applying the lipstick carefully and slowly, I closed the tube. Then I looked in the mirror. And I grinned.

I walked to the dining room to show my brother.

"Yns, isn't this the worst shade of lipstick ever?"

He glanced up at me from the laptop and started cracking up.


Seriously. I cannot express in words how hard he laughed. And for how long, for that matter.

I stood there awkwardly, smiling still, basking in the laughter, even though I didn't think it was that funny.

After he finished laughing, my mom came in.

"Eeshie! What did you do?!"

"I-" I looked at my brother, trying hard to stifle his laughter. Then, I put a very solemn expression on my face and said, "I ate a bag of Cheetos and went crazy."

My brother exploded again, and I just stood there, grinning like an idiot. Even my mother smiled, but then she scolded at me to take it off.

Eventually, I did...but not before smearing it over my lips and nose and cheeks and chin. I also took a picture of myself holding a sign that said, "I ate a bag of Cheetos and went crazy."

Fun times.

Oh, almost forgot to mention. I took a Personality Disorder Test and these were my results (the numbers in gray are the average percents):


Antisocial 50%? Well, screw you! I'm plenty social!!

Ha! Just kidding. What they mean by antisocial is "insensitive to others, violates the rights of others." Basically, they're saying Mean 50%. And I mean, awright, I can deal with that. I am pretty mean, right? Right?

Paranoid 50%...Dependant 50%...GODDAMN THIS IS ALL TRUE! IT'S ALL SO  TRUE!

I don't like my results! I'm going to retake it. After all, it does say at the top of the page: Answering these questions accurately requires honest reflection on how you really think, feel, and act in general and maybe taking the test on more than one occasion.

See? I'm not doomed.

Much to my dismay, there was a major change of plans on the Thursday of Spring Break, and I ended up not going to Barnes & Noble's. I was pretty upset about it. That was like, the single reason I got up early that day by waking up at seven a.m. in the morning, had to be fresh, had to go downstairs, had to have my bowl, had to have cereal, saw everything while the time was going, tickin' on and on, everybody was rushing, had to get down to my bus stop, had to catch my bus, I saw my friends, kicking in the front seat – Wait, what?!

But, I went on yesterday, which was Monday, the 25th instead! And I got some awesome possum books. Well, eh I was kind of annoyed because pretty much all they had was hardcover books there. Seriously. So, books that are usually five bucks I ended up paying eighteen dollars for. ANGRY. So, I only got three books. Darn. It was a hard decision, let me tell you. I had to decide between I Am Number Four, Water For Elephants, Matched, Beastly, Entwined, and Thirteen Reasons Why. In the end, I put Water For Elephants back, because apparently I'll be reading it next year in school. And I put Thirteen Reasons Why back, because my brother and I were fighting over it, so...yeah. And I also put I Am Number Four back, because a friend of ours who was there named Seth said that I could read it online. So...I guess I'll do that.

Oh yeah! Speaking of brother and I were pleasantly surprised there. Since my dad had some stuff to take care of, he dropped Yns and me at a Barnes & Noble's we'd never been in before. And Oh. My. God. It was a dream. An absolute fantasy. So big. There were friendly elderly doormen opening the vintage doors for us with a genial, "Hello!" and it smelled like coffee and Cinnamon and there were escalators going to the basement floor and there were books and books and books and books.

Like I said. A dream.

Anyway. Yns and I spent the first hour getting books on the basement floor, and then we went back up to the main floor to look around some more. While we were looking at some books there, we heard a friendly male voice, "Yns!"

We turned around and saw two boys walking towards us. Now, get ready for this; this is going to be really hard to follow. The boy that called my brother's name was named Seth. Seth is the cousin of my friend MH. He's my age. His family and our family are family friends, so that's how we know each other (MH's family and our family are family friends as well). Seth and Yns are friends as well, and yeah, I guess he's friends with me, too.

Walking alongside Seth was this other taller, more attractive guy I'd never seen before. But apparently my brother had. The three of them started smiling and laughing and talking.

"Hey, Seth!" Yns said. I smiled and said hello as well.

Yns introduced us all. "Okay, Eeshie this is Raymond and this is Seth."

I laughed. "Yns, I know who Seth is."

Raymond smiled and asked my brother, "Is this your sister?"

He and I both nodded at the same time. "Yeah, she and Seth are the same age."

"So, are you and Yns the same age?" I asked Raymond. They both nodded. "Oh, that's cool."

So we all got to know each other, and turns out the Raymond was really, really nice. And funny. And cool. And um, hot. Like, when I first met Seth, I was like, Aw, he's cute. But now when I saw Raymond, I was like, WHOA.

Anyway. We all got along really, really well. Where does Yns get all these awesome friends?!

Remember I told you that there are eight high schools in NYC which are the best of the best of the best? You have to take this special admission test to get into them and everything? And remember I told you my brother is going to the #1 best next year, and I'm going to #2 best next year? Turns out Seth and I are both going there! Yay! And Raymond already goes to like, the #5 best one or something. Still, it's pretty impressive to be offered a chance at any of them.

Seth and I were both begging Raymond to buy The Hunger Games. We both read it just recently, so now I guess we're spreading the happiness. Raymond gave in and bought the book. Mission accomplished!

The thing I like about Raymond is that he's funny in the same way my brother is funny. Now, if you've met me in real life, then you know what my brother is like. He's funny (admit it, ehuber930!). He gets along with people and is just so darn likable. That's how Raymond was. He was hilarious. And he was more mature than my brother, also a plus. (My brother is a five-year-old at heart. Just sayin'.)

And did I mention that Raymond was hot?


Of course, at points I felt that being a girl hanging out with three guys was awkward. They were all doing this really strange thing where one of them would ask the other, "What's the capital of Thailand?" The other would say, "I don't know." And then the first person would basically punch the other in the crotch area and yell, "BANG-COCK!"


I laughed at it, of course. Hey, it was funny! ... Don't look at me like that!

Soon after, my brother and I went to buy something from the Starbucks that was inside of the store, while Seth and Raymond went to go get a table. After squabbling with each other on what to buy (since everything was unreasonably overpriced), we decided on a Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Or something like that.

When we were almost to the counter, my brother told me, "When I tell her my order, I'm going to stress the word, 'one.'"

I wrinkled my nose. "What do you mean?"

"Like, I'm going to tell her we're going to get one Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie."

I laughed. "Why? You're so weird."

So when we got to the counter, my brother said, "All right. Can we have ONE, Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie?"

The lady smiled. "Are you sure you only want ONE?"

He basically exploded in joy.

So, when we got to Seth and Raymond at their table, my brother and I shared a chair while Seth and Raymond shared a chair. While eating and talking and stuff, I happened to spot two hot guys who were probably a few years older than me, but still. They were hot.

I gasped and said, "Ooh! Hot guys!" (I swear, force of habit)

Then, my brother and Seth went crazy, craning their necks trying to see them. "Where, where?! Where's the hot guys?!"

Raymond and I cracked up. Raymond was like, "Why are you guys so interested? Hmmm?"

They both blushed. I think my brother said something like, "We just wanted to see..."

Oh, the fun we have.

At one point, I noticed the book Seth was buying. It was a vampire book. Sigh.

"Seth, what are you doing reading a vampire book?" I teased. "You're a guy."

Raymond loudly stage-whispered to me, "He's gay!" And then they tackled each other.

Later, Raymond was telling us a story about Seth that made us go insane. He said, "Yo, this kid is mad dumb! Last year, we were coming back from school and I waved to some firemen. They waved back and were all like, 'Yo, wassup?' and stuff like that. Then, we're passing some random black stranger on the street and this kid -- " Here, he swats Seth on the shoulder. "This kid waves at him! And the black guy goes all, 'What the hell?! You motherf@cker, whachu' tryin to start?! You wanna go?! YOU WANNA GO!? Tryin' to start a fight!?'"

At this point, my brother and I are on the ground.

"Then," Raymond continues. "This kid got so scared he started running away! He took off the other direction and I was just standing there shaking my head, thinking like, Dumbass."

We laughed even harder. Seth was trying to keep a dignified look.

"Seth, you should have your own show. 'Seth's Little Adventures,'" Yns proposed.

"No, how about, 'Seth Time!'" Seth laughed.

My brother kept going. "Seth Galore! Do you feel Seth?"

God, that was fun.

Anyway! My brother got some pretty interesting books as well. He got Brain Jack, The Tomorrow Code, The Warrior, and the last installment of of the Alex Rider series. Grr. He got four books. I only got three. Grr.

In the end, I had five extra dollars on my gift card. Two I let my brother use because his books cost $52 in the end, and the last three I decided I would spend on something like a bookmark. Turns out that Mother's Day is coming up, so I got a Mother's Day card instead. Shh! Don't tell her!

We went home soon after that. Very fun.

That just made my day.

Anyhoo. While cleaning my room the other day, I unearthed my old personality quiz book from like, fifth or sixth grade. It was just caked with dust and all forgotten about and I was like, “Ooh! Quizzes!” and I sat down on my bed and took some quizzes.

You know the type. “What Type of Style Are you?” and “What Type of Cookie Are You?” and “How Extreme Are You?” and “What Breed of Dog Are You?”

...Yeah, I don't know...

Anyway. I was flipping through the book and found one that looked really interesting. While taking it, I wondered if I was going to get the same result as last time, when I was in fifth/sixth grade. The quiz was called:

If your life were a movie, what kind of movie would it be?

Now, when I finished the quiz, I was rather surprised. My answers did change! Back when I took that quiz the first time, my result was:

An Animated Musical (Beauty and the Beast, for example)

Your life would be the kind of movie where a guy and girl sing mushy songs and birds flutter and flowers bloom and little bunnies giggle and hide their eyes. It sounds too good to be true and, in fact, it is – but that doesn't stop you from dreaming. You're a true romantic and your friends wouldn't want it any other way.

...I mean...that's great, I guess. But when I took it a few days ago, I got this:

A Goofball Comedy (think Will Farrell)

All your life, you've been making a whole lot of funny. Friends know they can count on you for the perfect smart-aleck remark so, of course, the movie of your life would have them rolling in the aisles. Remember, they're not laughing at you. They're laughing with you.

All right. So. What does that mean? From fifth grade to now, I've turned from a romantic into a 'goofball' as they call it? Is that good or bad? I don't know.

Ah, whatever. I'm taking this stuff way too seriously.

Someone FINALLY emailed me at FINALLY. This is like, the first email I've gotten for this blog, other than the 72 spam letters (How do they find me?). This person emailed me a set of questions to complete. Like a survey. They wanted me to fill it out and post it here, and then tag a few people at the end. I guess she's starting a chain of surveys or something? She forwarded the message to like, twenty people. So don't be surprised if you see this survey other places. Or in your Inbox.

Oh yes. And she asked all of us to keep her anonymous. Not sure why...but sure.

The questions were rather...interesting?


Eeshie. Obviously.

Is your name on Blogger your name in real life? If not, what letter does your real name start with?

Nope. My real name starts with the letter, "A."

Astrological sign?


If there was a huge 'Blogspot Get-Together' where all bloggers were meant to come together and meet in real-life, would you go?

Heck yes! I'd love to meet all of you people! Is this for real? I seriously would love that.

Have you ever rejected someone?


If so, was it harshly?


Did he/she cry?

Omgiod, I don't know. I never thought about that. I hope not. I'M SORRY! *hides guilty look on face*

Have you ever tried a cigarette?

No, and I plan on keeping it that way. But by now, my lungs are probably half-covered in tar or whatever because I'm in such close proximity to smoke and tobacco and stuff all the time. Secondhand smoking is not good, kids. Not good at all.

Have you ever been high? If so, on what?

Yes. On orange juice.

What are six things you find attractive when present in the opposite gender?

Hmm...only six?!?

1) Gentlemen-like manners. Holding open doors, carrying your stuff for you – things in that nature. This may sound petty, but it's really hard to find someone who does this stuff nowadays.

2) Guys who fit the description of tall, dark, and handsome. That's hot.

3) Intelligent dudes. Like, the guys that actually read and stuff and know what their plans are and have somewhat of an idea of what they want in life.

4) Have the ability to make jokes! Very, very important! I like funny guys!

5) I guess I find creative guys attractive. Like if you're the artsy type who sketches amazing and takes pictures. Or you're the mysterious guy who plays soul-wrenching songs on the piano. Man...that's hot.

6) Guys that call you, “Sweetheart.” Oh, my God. I find that so hot. And dreamy. Like, if there's ever a guy that calls me Sweetheart, I basically faint right there on the spot. I don't know why. I just find that so damn attractive. A guy calls me Sweetheart, and I'm basically done for. Like, I'll probably end up doing whatever they want at the snap of their fingers. My insides pretty much melt and I feel all fluttery and I get butterflies insides my stomach and the Butterfly S.W.A.T. Team in my chest can usually never catch them, so...I'm doomed.

But it's a good kind of doomed!

What are five things that you find extremely unattractive in the opposite gender?

Oh, there are so many! I'll try to narrow it down, though. Ha. That was a diss for guys. Did you catch that? Guys?

1) Guys that spit when they talk. AH! I hate this so much! Two years ago, math class. I'd leave that class with about a gallon of my partner's saliva on my notebook every day. Disgusting.

2) Loud, conceited guys who are in some kind of misperception that the girl they are with is a mile away and they must scream to get their attention. And they think the girl likes being put down by them every few seconds. Nice.
3) Guys who change their girlfriends every week. Oh hey! I know someone who does that! (You with me on this one, ehuber930? Know who I'm talking about, right?)

4) Tattoos. And excessive piercings. *Shudder
5) And of course, angry abusive types.

Answer only if you have a sibling: If your sibling wasn't your sibling, do you think you'd ever find him/her attractive and go out with him/her?

Ew! That's sick! Ah! What kind of sick person makes these questions up?! (Nah, just kidding. I love you. But seriously: Why??)

Would you ever eat a caterpillar?


If yes, why?


If no, why not?

Well I'm not stupid.

Would you rather kiss a random stranger on the street of the opposite gender or tickle a random stranger on the street of the opposite gender?

Definitely, definitely tickle. Tickling is fun.

Would you rather throw up on stage or fart on stage?

...Wow, this is a hard one...I seriously don't know.

..., how loud would this fart be?

Would you ever sneak out of the house at night?

Not possible. My parents have an electronic tracking device chip inserted in my left butt cheek.

Do you think this survey was weird?


Did you find it enjoyable?


Which five bloggers will you be tagging to take this survey as well?

Yeah, yeah. Hold on. Let me find my slips of paper with everyones name on it and I'll go find my hat and I'll go pick random. This will take a couple minutes. Please standby.


Kay! I'm back! And ooh, I picked some good people.

1) That Blond Guy of The Nerd Archives (as expected. His slip of paper always manages to find its way into my hand when I do this.)

2) Noah Brown of Brown's Eye (I'm scared and slightly excited and very curious to see your answers)

3) Ash of The Cheesecake Paradox (Juicy, juicy)

4) Anthony of Abyrne.Me Blog (God, no. His answers are going to be so creepy. Ha, just kidding, I love you, can't you take a joke?!)

5) RainboRevolver of I Wish I Were British (Ahh. Her slip of paper finally made it to my hands! And it was impeccable timing as well, because if the only people that came up for this crazy survey were guys, I was seriously going to consider drawing new names.)

So that's that.

I think I can listen to this song a million times and still want to hear it again. And again.

Anyway, ya'll have probably noticed by now, but my last post was a huge success. Huge. It got like, 43 comments, and still counting. Yay! You all have made me a very conceited blogger.

Sorry for the lack of interesting stories on this post. I know I usually have like forty, and this had like five. It's partially because I've been mad sick. Ugh. I hate being sick. Again, I'm sorry.

Anyway. I guess it's time for me to go. Let's hope I keep posting! I really don't want this to be my last post until the summer...
 Hey! I did this when I was a child, too!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention! Now, I know people like getting comfy when they read, but do you have to get that comfy while in Barnes & Nobles? Seriously? My brother took a picture of this guy who was getting very comfortable in the comic section...

Yeah. Lovely.


  1. I just realized that there's a lot of spacing problems in this post. Sorry about that. I couldn't fix it.

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  3. you draw well and im also dreading class tomorrow

  4. Dude. I saw this post right after I grabbed a bag of Skittles.
    Creepyfreakingtelepathy FTW! :D

  5. AHHH FULL SCHOOL MODE PANIC! Good luck with the state tests! I'm sure you will do fabulously.


    Whoa, so many capital letters in this comment so far...

    Mmm... BRAINS!

    Though I don't know all of the words to Friday, I must admit that I know at least the entire first verse plus the all too catchy chorus. Which is far too much.

    There's a Justin Bieber BRA? Oh, god.

    The Sketch Swap thing does look very cool! Next time I feel like procrastinating (aka probably in like 10 minutes...) I will certainly check it out.

    Bahahaha, I bet that Cheetos lipstick looked incredibly stylish! :D

    Ah, I will add that personality disorder test to my procrastination list as well! Thank you for fueling my procrastination, muwahaha. I can definitely see myself getting high schools on antisocial and obsessive compulsive...

    Awww... I was going to comment on how I read 13 Reasons Why and Water For Elephants... but those are the ones you put back! Curses. Haha. I love Barnes & Noble though. I could spend hours and hours and hours in there reading every single thing.

    Yay for hot Raymond and successfully getting him to buy The Hunger Games! Hehe. He sounds super hot. I mean, interesting and hilarious and smart. And hot. What?

    That survey actually has some pretty fascinating questions! It's kinda cool how the whole thing is sorta secretive and such.... intriguing! I definitely agree with your attractive/unattractive boy qualities.

    I love how obnoxiously long your posts are! It's wonderful. :)

  6. Arthur <3
    So you don't think that I am a random scary person who found this blog out of the blue, I was referred by. . . Someone?
    It was probably Lemons Don't Make Lemonade, but she also referred me to other places and I looked at posts with links there.
    All in all, I'm just great at procrastinating.

  7. Hahaha, this was cute!!

    Anthony tagged me in the survey in turn. :D

  8. Sweetheart? Really? Haha wow :P Is that like, your fetish? But its kinda cute, haha.

    And omg omg, you're a New Yorker, right? But then, your names Aeshie? Is that somehow Pakistani? I dont know. xD

    Love your blogg :)

  9. Nice blog.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  10. Ugly Shades of Lipstick: I support this notion.
    Books... WHERE!?! *looks around ferociously...

    Amazing post. really long post... yeah. wait, i already said amazing...
    Wait, what?


  11. yum skittles +1 followinG!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ok. I read this post on my phone in the lobby of my tennis club and I laughed so hard that I got evil who-is-this-weirdo glares from everybody in the lobby. This post was so funny!!!
    and ARTHUR AND CYBERCHASE!!! Those shows were my life!!

  13. Wow, how odd-I also know every word to all 5 of those songs (the last one of which I really don't want to give an explanation :P). My particular favorite is All My Loving by the Beatles-I used to play it 30 times a day and dance, air guitar and all.
    New follower! :D

  14. Wow, this is actually the longest blog post that I've ever read. I really enjoyed it though and laughed at parts! Yey :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too. I'm now following!

    Also, are the Hunger Games books really good - because I was thinking of reading them as I love my books!? :/


  16. oh wow. you tagged me. okay.
    you're awesomer than me! so there.


  17. omgosh girl, THANK YOU. so sweet! PS... are carrots dipped in nutella actually good?


  18. you. are. awesome. No words. Can describe.

  19. <3 gotta love cyanide and happiness, also your writing is cute! Looking forward to moooaarr! Hope this isnt your last~!

  20. I think we should get married. We would be very happy together. Seriously. I love you. Not in a creepy way. Well, kind of in a creepy way. But, your posts make me VERY happy. :D

  21. OMG you watched Cyberchase?! So did I!!!!!! :D I hardly know anyone who watched that show. But while they're all sucking at math, I'm pretty much rocking it... (er.. at least symmetry and angle in = angle out and that type of stuff.. ;) )

  22. Also, I lauged out loud a lot while reading this. :)
    And I did the sketch swap, and I got a marriage proposal!! YESS.

  23. Where do I even begin with my comment?! First of all, yay New Jersey (I guess? As excited as you can be about New Jersey!). Whereabouts did you used to live? I'm in Bergen County, which is only a half hour from the city! Small world :)
    Yayyy for Columbia or Princeton! (I'm going to Columbia for grad school, so I get excited when people are into it). I think it's sweet you'd give so much money to your parents/brother/friends/charity if you were a millionaire. That says a lot about you, my dear!
    Water for Elephants is a beautifully written book. I tend to be really snobby when it comes to literature (I usually stay away from chick lit and stray towards the classics),but I thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed up way too late while trying to finish it! Definitely a must read.
    You have a lovely blog, my dear! xox

  24. I can't believe that Justin Bieber bras exist. That blows my mind. And scares me.

  25. Oh my wow.
    this was so incredibly awesome.
    I laughed. and i laughed and i laughed and i laughed and i laughed and i laughed and i laughed and.. I could go on but I think i'll stop now.
    Did you seriously say "lack of interesting posts"?
    that is not true. especially after i nearly broke my brain laughing.
    The justin beiber bra thing i just do not believe.
    and why do you not like capes? they be awesome. unless youre a superhero, in which case they are very impractical.
    the sketch swap thing sounds very awesome. iam so doing that after my stupid mindnumbing exams finish.
    the seth raymond stories were so funnnyyyyy!
    I didn't get the ONE cookie thing.
    and the comic!
    have you been on the oatmeal website? the man is brilliant. He's my idol.

    alsooo, I didnt know that beastly and i am number 4 are books! i'm SO not watching the movies now. I have to get the books.
    Thank you for telling me about that, i am so excited to start on my summer reading list.
    I think i was very jumbled upo in this comment, but forgive me, my brain is feeling very jumbled up at the moment.
    did i mention how awesomely funny you are?

  26. Colin Biano: Yes. Yes I did. I enjoyed it.

    Ed: No, no! You misunderstood. *I* did not draw those. *Other* people did. God, if I could draw like that, my life would be made...

    PeaceLoveandSharpies: Not even. Skittles are just epic like that. :P

    Natalie: Yup. Ehh, I don't think I did so well...

    I KNOW, RIGHT?! A Justin Beiber BRA? It just...just...scares me!

    Procrastinators – Unite!

    I NEED to read those books! Hopefully, I'll be able to go down to Barnes & Noble's this summer when I'm bored and get my hands on those books...hmm...

    Raymond was hot. And I was glad he bought The Hunger Games. And he was super hot. Wait, what?

    Obnoxiously long? WHY THANK YOU! I'm taking that as a compliment!!

    Gabi: As I said with Natalie: Procrastinators – Unite!

    Lemon Don't Make Lemonade: I know! Your answers were HILARIOUS!

    Chocolatemilk: *blushes* Yes. Sweetheart. It'''s SWEET. And I don't know, I just find it hot...

    Nah, I'm not Pakistani. And my name's not Aeshie. But yes, I'm a New Yorker. (At least you got SOMETHING right)


    Cardinal Ruby: No, my friend. Thank YOU.

    -Sam: You know, I really love the way you talk. Or write, in this case. I don't know – it's so cool!!


    N4M3L3SS: Dude. It took me like, six minutes trying to type your screen name in without mistakes.


    Jen Eat World: Oh, it's quite alright. I get evil who-is-this-weirdo glares frequently!! YES, CYANIDE IS AWESOME!

    Tennis club? NEAT.

    Anna: All My Loving is just...just...just a freaking amazing song. <3

    Moobeat: :D

    Tegan: YUMMY!


    Chelsea Lane: Haha! No, I was kidding about the carrots dipped in Nutella thing. Gosh, I can't even imagine the taste...

    Schrodinger Cat: ?

    Rob: I totally agree with you.

    Magz Killgore: Thank you! My writing isn't the only thing that's cute – so is my reading, my running, my sneezing, my baking, my lying, my choking, my stabbing...

    Sarah: I accept the proposal. I'm thinking a big wedding with lots of guests. You?

    Epicality: Hehe...Cyberchase was an epic show. That's where I learned that your foot is the same size as your head. :O

    A marriage proposal?! No way.

    Allison: YAY NEW JERSEY!! Omg, that's cool! I used to live in Bergen County as well! :O

    You're going to Columbia? YOU'RE SMART!

    Hmm...I must read Water for Elephants, soon...

    Jen: Neither can I. It's really shocking...

    Vice Versa: “Oh my wow.” That's genius!!

    Oh, wasn't THAT funny...*blush*

    Yeah, I'm a superhero. I can't have my cape getting stuck into gutters and stuff while I'm out know...superhero-like.

    Now that you mention it, the ONE cookie thing didn't make any sense...

    Oatmeal? Hmm...


    Awesomely funny? Me? AWWW!

  27. How many days does it take to write this long post?

  28. Hello Miss Sweetheart.
    Bye Miss Sweetheart. =)

  29. Tauqeer: FIFTY SEVEN AND A HALF.

    Danny Phantom: Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeeheehee =)


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