Sunday, September 18, 2011


What's up, everyone?

I know, I's been way too long. Funny, it feels like I'm always opening up a post with an apology now on. Sorry. I really should keep up with my posting.

Anyway. This isn't going to be long. This is just to tell you guys that I'm still alive, cause some of my amazing followers-friends-awesome peeps were actually concerned about me, which I honestly think is the sweetest thing. Ever. And it kind of amazes me that I've never met any of you and yet I actually care about you too. That' But it feels good, you know?

One person in particular is in my mind when I say they were concerned and how I think they're super sweet. I won't reveal this person in case he gets embarrassed.



...I'm not exactly subtle.

But yeah. You guys make my world a happy place.

Sooo the reason I haven't been posting is the reason for everything and anything: SCHOOL. UGH.

Yeah. The stupid nerdy school I got into is extremely tough. My routine is to wake up at 5:00 am and then go to sleep at 2:00 am because of all the homework. So basically, I'm awake for 21 hours at a time and have a little 3-hour nap in between. One week feels like a super, super, super long day. And by the time the weekend comes around, I'm pretty much ready to drop-dead and cry in a corner.

Is that weird?

I shall update you guys on my life soon (hopefully). But before I update you guys on ANYTHING, I need to know something very very important.

How old do you guys think I am? I'm not into revealing my age or anything, but now that my posts are probably going to include a lot about school and stuff, it'd probably be helpful if I told you guys. But...I don't know. Age is a touchy subject with me. How old do you guys think I am? If enough of you get it right, I'll just tell you guys anyway. Maybe. I don't know. Agh! Just leave a comment and tell me how old you guys think I am? Okie? Good.

Also, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards has opened again! YAYYYY! It'd be a crime if I didn't tell all you wonderful writers and artists here on Blogger. Go sign up!

Hmm. Yeah. So.


NOTE: I want a SPECIFIC AGE. Not "somewhere in your teens". A specific age.
Thanks youz.


  1. I hate guessing people's ages, because I'm bad at it and I feel awkward when I'm always way off. So instead of guessing a reasonable number in the teens, I'll just say that you're around 50 to save myself embarrassment. All good? :)

  2. I went back to school at 45, so I'll say 45. :)

  3. You seem 16, maybe 17?
    And hi! Welcome back.

  4. Welcome back! Nice to hear from you again :D.
    And it's okay, school can be really draining and time consuming.
    But as long as you come home in one piece and still remain the awesome EESHIE WEESHIE I remember, then it's all good. :)

    I think you're 14/15, right? ;)

    Take care!
    Stay smiling!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I guess...14 or 15? possibly all the way to 18? Glad to hear you're ok. School's obnoxious...I'd die if I was on that sleep schedule!

  7. YOU'RE ALIVE! YAY!!! I'm going to say 16 or 17 because you seem like you are around my age. Okie? Okie.
    Glad you're alive!

  8. I'm guessing you're a prodigal 14.

  9. If you guess me I'll give you a narwhal.

  10. HURRAH!

    Holy cow. How do you survive on only 3 hours of sleep?! I get about 7 and I'm already on the verge of passing out exhaustion after a ridiculously long day of school, cross country homework, everything...

    Hmmm. I would guess you are either 15 or 16. Maybe 14. Maybe 17. I know, so specific, huh?

    School sucks. Why do we have to go. Colleges should just be glad that we can read and write and do basic math. :P

  11. Nawwwwwwwwww, I got a subtle mention. Bless you.


    But it is nice to know you're still kicking.

    And I guesssss... 16? I'm going with 16. Did I say 16? Sorry, I meant 16.


  12. Wow you're loved! Ha. I'm going to agree with Ash on this. I think you're 16. He's probably the person here who loves you the most, so I think he's most likely right. XD

    You're 16. =]

  13. 1. your blog is funny.
    2. your fish gadget where the fish, is so amusing! i love how it follows your mouse. :D

  14. i'm sorry to know that your school is keeping you busy. honestly, it's somewhat the same situation at my end. i barely get time to read other people's blog posts anymore, let alone write one myself.
    i think you're 16 :O whatever age you are though, you're super duper cool.
    OMG, iMAT! that would be really really really cool.

  15. lol'd at the steve jobs picture :D

  16. 14 or 15?
    LOL @ the iPod/pad/mat pic.
    I like your posts, they're cute.

  17. Yeah...I'd buy the iBoard. And iMat. Definitely.

  18. Thanks for the comment. I think your about 17 but I haven't been reading your blog long so i don't really know. I NEED an iMat now!!!!
    it said I can't acess the page :(

  19. Welcome back! When you start to get all depressed about how tough school is, just remember: you're paying for it. Or someone is.
    I'm going to go with 20.

  20. Oh, guess what? Your poem is #2 on the Scholastic Arts and Writing homepage. Congratulations!

    I submit things as well - I won two Gold Keys last year. Are you going to submit prose as well as poems?

  21. I have no idea how old you might be since I just discovered your blog. But I was most certainly enlightened.

    Your sense of humor
    I can't even

    (it's great)

  22. Hahahahahahahaha.
    I love your blog!
    i used to think that mine was the funniest, but well, yeah, yours is!

  23. Hmmmm well your older brother is still in HS.... So my instinct says to go with 16, but my deductive reasoning says your definetly 17. I trust the latter more I think, so 17. ;)

  24. Thanks for your comment!
    In response to the Scholastic thing, I saw your poem about the child's feet being broken as #2 on the homepage. Maybe it's switched.
    Yeah, I won a Gold Key for personal essay last year too! (Also, short story.) I've never tried submitting poetry - perhaps I will this year.

  25. In response to your post on my blog:
    Oh, that makes total sense! I attribute it to my sleep deprivation and forgetfulness. My apologies.
    ...aaand are you 14?

  26. I think that u are 15
    Keep posting . Good Luck

    You can also follow my blog if you want to

    Faraz Ezazi

  27. I think you're 15 or 16. And trust me, I'm going through the same no-sleep-more-work days. Good luck with it. Lmao@ The iMat picture :p

  28. Also, I thought the girl's name was your name. It was a reasonable mistake...

  29. I have my money down on 14.
    fourteen definitely.
    meh, compared to me at least, how i wrote when i was 14... crazy shit man, crazy shit.

    -Sam. (whoa. im alive? righteous.)

  30. well, good job on inviting comments. :)

    Keep kicking in.. people's a**!

  31. Hmm... well, Im gonna say 15. Just a guess.... :)


    and good luck with ur school.

  32. Hmm.... Well, first off, YAY YOU'RE BACK! Second, you seem, maybe 14-15ish? I'm 14, and you sound like all of my friends, so I dub you to be 14. Like, NOW. HEY FOURTEEN YEAR OLD! :D

  33. now that you said this i NEED to know how old you are.
    my guess is 17. or 16. no, definitely 17. but also maybe 16.


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