Sunday, October 2, 2011


I need ideas for a play/musical I could write. The crazier, the better -- but normality is welcomed as well.

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Hello?

Oh yeah. And I need these ideas NOW. Like, NOWW.

Thank you. You guys are amazing. I say this all the time, but for realz, yo. AMAZING.

And Ash, Paradise by Coldplay IS SO. FREAKING. AWWESOMEEE.

I had to put that out there.

But anyway! Ideas! Ideas! Ideas! Keep em' coming!



  1. A play about a girl who is an ice cream flavor inventor and struggle with her body image because of the weight gain associated with ice cream over indulgence :)

  2. A talking mouse. That's all I can think of. Wait, that's already been taken by Stuart Little. Shit.

    I'll keep thinking about it. For some reason though, the idea of a play about talking animals seems very appealing.

  3. OMG I knooooooooowwwwwwwww. It is pure musical bliss.

    As for a play/musical - how about a 22 year-old Sri Lankan living in Australia, dealing with adversity and living a rockin' single live, who doesn't care that he's single, and - *bursts into tears*.

    I'm not talking about me, just someone I know...


    Nah I got nothing. Got any basic foundations of ideas yet, or you've got nothing as of yet and are genuinely looking for fresh ideas?

  4. SkinnyNinny: I ACTUALLY LIKE THAT. I COULD WORK WITH THAT. Maybe not the same exact plotline you suggested, but hmm...

    Anna: Your realization about Staurt Little made me laugh.
    And nah, I think my peers would murder me if I made them dress like animals, even though I find it appealing.

    I think I may know the person you're talking about...*wink, wink*. The person you're talking about also likes cheesecake.

    Well, I do have SOME stuff...but I'd rather have fresh ideas.

  5. What about a boy who eats children

    We have done a play on it in our school too

  6. You wake up and find that you've been turned into a toy version of yourself. All your toys start talking to you about how you mistreated and neglected them through time. Your parents don't know where you are and you can't move when there's humans around. You find out that it might have been the toy shop keeper that you were rude to other day, who did this to you....

    (I'm sry, I don't have much ideas and it's 1:21 am)

  7. Oh, I see how it is. So I'm not good enough for you anymore. Sure. Okay.

    Anyway, here goes:

    -A baby that goes on a serial killing/cannabalistic rampage. At first they don't know it's a baby that commits the crimes, but then one day a woman walks into her house and finds the baby eating her husband. It would begin with the words "It was about a year ago that people started disappearing." And it would also have to include the line, "He comes in the night."

    -A guy who gets a sort of schizophrenic paranoia so that everywhere he looks he sees a little boy with a face painted like a clown. (Then maybe at the end he finally approaches the boy and talks to him, the boy just stares at him, and then they all explode into colorful confetti. Then he wakes up and realizes he was dreaming all along....or was he?)

    -A man who starts walking and can't stop. And he keeps walking and walking until he gets to a place where up is down and down is up. And he just keeps walking and walking and walking until something else happens. I don't know what.

    -A dog learns to play the piano and he's like a canine prodigy but it's hard for the world to take his music seriously because everyone is so amazed that he's a dog playing the piano.

    -A germ who's germaphobic.

    -One day it starts raining roses. I don't know why. You don't even have to explain why. It just happens.

    -A fish that develops psychic powers.

    -A person who gets kidnapped by a gang of rabbits. (Important note: I don't think you should let the rabbits talk.)

    I think that will have to be enough for now. Sorry, it's not up to my usual standards. I'm really tired right now. Good luck.

  8. Hmmm, I'm not much of a writer, but maybe a play about girl who bullies this other girl every day. Then the girl kills herself, and the bully is taken to all the events leading up to the girls death (the girl who killed herself shows her all the past events). That would be cool-yet-creepy.

  9. Hmmm... maybe since its acedemic and all....

    Somthing to do wit ha kid who has trouble learning, and gets this magical elf tutor, who helps him discover a whole new world..


  10. It could be a mystery... If it's for school. If it WASN'T MWAHAHA. You could do some craaaazy stuff. But, since it is, maybe it could be about an old murder investigation. Like maybe someone supposedly committed suicide in an asylum but a family member knows they weren't crazy and, instead of getting a detective, they go on their own figuring things out. The reason the person could have anded up in an asylum is because they could have figured something that no one knew, have come off as crazy, and ended up dead in an asylum. You could also do a twist or something at the end...


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