Monday, February 13, 2012

A Short and Awkward Post With a Single Purpose

And that single purpose is to tell my fellow debate nerds (lovely term coined by Julia) that I'll be at this national tournament in a few days that is taking place at HARVARD <3

We'll be leaving 3:30 on Friday from my school, drive drive drive drive drive drive on crappy buses, reach the 5-star hotel at night, and start rounds the next day at around 12. We shall be debating the entire day and Sunday and I think some on Monday. I know that Monday we'll be back in New York City.


I'm very nervous, though. When I come back, we'll already be into February Break, and I'll be able to tell you about the last two tournaments I had, which were...meh. And I'll also be able to update you on ... stuff. Yeah. I make it sound very mysterious. I'll also be able to update you on guy issues. Meh.

Anyhoo. Are any of you going to the Harvard tournament? Cause that would kind of be SO FRICKEN' AWESOME AND WE COULD MEET UP AND SEE EACH OTHERS FACES AND STUFF AND AND AND AND AND YEAH.

Last year at the Harvard tournament, all the NYCScience debaters had a party at the hotel, got drunk, and there was even some sex involved. Yeah. It's really easy to get away with because since there's SO MANY debaters from my school, our coach books like a whole wing of the hotel. Yeaaaa boy.

Here's hoping things don't get too crazy!

So yeah. That's what's been going on with me. Oh yeah, and we got our transcripts for the first semester. I WANT TO KILL MYSELF. I'M NOT JOKING. IT'S THAT BAD.



  1. The Harvard Tourney!! All the seniors at my school went last year. And there was gratuitous sex involved. Overnight/out-of-state tournaments are sooooooo fun.
    This year they're going to the tournament at Berkeley that's the same week. Because we live so far away, the huge national tournaments (aside from the actual national championship) are just for the seniors on the team, so maybe I'll see you next year, or possibly at Nats :)

    Kick some ass!

  2. Well, no, I will not be attending the Harvard tournament cause I'm not a fancy debater... BUUUUT I hope you have fun and win! Not that it's about winning.... except that it kinda is. ;) I will be in and around NYC when I go to college next year, though!

  3. Oh wow debate team. I'm envious! I can't even say 5 sentences without stammering. I bet you get nervous like once in a blue moon. Harvard and 5-star hotel sound fabulous!!!

    oh you livein NYC? I've read about it in books and saw it on TV, I omysgosh I don't say this that often but I think your life is so, so , so interesting! :)


  4. If i lived in the US i probably would be there. I LOVE debating. I like seeing the faces of my opponent as I crush their arguments. Yeah, I'm nice. :)

  5. I love your blog Eeshie <3
    and this is definitely the shortest post I've seen from you so far
    I hope you had fun at Harvard

  6. Do you still post? I am confuse, yes?


  8. Daaang girl, you need to post! I miss your extremely long and just as entertaining missives to us internet peoples!


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