Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Sorry That It's Taking Me So Long to Post Something. Anything...

I been busy.



  1. Can't wait to read your next musing! Have missed you!:-)

  2. Need. New. Post.
    Enough said :D

  3. Don't worry about it man.
    Take your time, and write when you want to write and what you want to write.
    Hope all is well!

  4. Too busy for us now?
    I see how it is...

  5. make time for blogger, you! haha. i kid. :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I need to read your super long posts. And you super comments.
    Please send the busy-ness away!

  8. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we still miss you!

  9. first time here ^_^ looking forward to read some new post from you ^_^

  10. I feel offended that you haven't posted. Was it something I said?

  11. Ash: You never fail to make me laugh. :D

    Jenny Petricek: Haha! Thank you :-]

    Anna: Will. Do. :D

    Natalie: YAYS!

    Nas: I love how everything you write – whether it's an inspirational post or a little comment – has like, this soothing effect on me. I can't even explain it. But thank you :)

    Furree Katt: Miss you too! <3

    That Blond Guy: ^__^

    PeaceLoveandSharpies: Oh come on you know I love you guys :D

    ishashime: I know, I know...

    Endless: You know...STUFF...*mysterious smile*

    sporktar: It's a fine club, isn't it?

    Lemons: I MISS YOU GUYS.

    XXX Drugs and Bacon Sandwiches: See what I did with your screen name? XD YES I am still busy :P

    Hazel Mamaril: Thank you for understanding :)

    Hamza Bin Ladin: LOL you make me laugh :D

    Aaron M. Gipson: It was your comment that made me realize I need to post. I am in the process of writing one.

    Phawphaw: Why hello friend :D Sorry for the lack of posts, but they are coming!

    That Blond Guy: Why would you feel offended? And why would it be something that you said?

  12. Your topic titles is simple and perfect. i like your blog comments and design.

  13. Why would people be enlightened by this?? It has nothing on it except and I quote, "I'm sorry that it's taking me so long to post something. Anything..... I been busy :( " end quote. I don't get it.

  14. By the way, I claim my right to insult Eeshie and her blog any time I want on any post solely based on the fact that I am and shall always remain her bestest best friend and cousin. Love ya, Eesh! I hate you, too, don't forget that.


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